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So I am just wondering what some people diagnosis might have been or symptoms. I've been having stomach issues for 4 years now and I'm currently active duty military. Initially I had been told I had IBS which I had come to terms with and thought that was my diagnosis for awhile but back in early 2017 I had gotten really sick. The systems were the same but this time I was bleeding and had random head aches with nausea, and I was exhausted. My DR kinda brushed it off but I had a blood test done and my Dr called telling me my white blood cell count was high and he was suspecting I could have crohns. It scared me at first but it took them a month to do a colonoscopy which showed nothing and a capsule endoscopy that came back inconclusive. The specialist I had seen basically said it was hemroids that was bothered me but and he was the specialist so I believed him. I continued having issues, abdominal pain, diarrhea, blood in my stool (bright red), and exhausted. Well in May of 2018 I had gotten real sick again and was stuck in bed for three days. The pain was so bad I couldn't walk. It hurt more if I even tried. I was using the bathroom up to 15 times a day. My bottom itched, hurt, and burned like i was passing acid. I was referred to a new DR. And he stated my previous Dr. had done everything wrong.... They did blood work and my white blood cell count was high once again. They did a CT scan which showed a hernia in my intestinal area but they didnt seemed concerned, so lastly they did a capsule endoscopy. The capsule found erosion in my ileum with a few ulcers. It started to worry me so I tried to further my research on IBD. Sadly soon after my capsule test my DR. Contacted me telling me he wanted to biopsy the ulcer and not to worry me but he believed it could be an IBD just due to my symptoms and finding what he did. Sadly he retired and I am now with a new DR. Well after seeing my new Dr, right from the start he stated he believed it is IBS completely ignoring my previous Drs statement and notes. He stated the ulcers can be caused by simply taking medication which I hardly ever do. It made me feel like the symptoms are just in my head now but I know what I've been feeling isn't normal especially the pain. My new Dr. Stated IBD normally do not cause pain... is that true? I'm due to still have my ulcers biopsied but I just feel worried my DR has already made his mind up. Has anyone had similar symptoms? What did their Drs find? I know my symptoms are minor due to some post I've read. I just like to learn about others experience with this and increase my knowledge the best I can.