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Diarrhea after pregnancy

I was diagnosed with crohns in October of 2012 and had a small bowel resection in May of 2013. Last month I had a baby and the last week of the pregnancy and still continuing is uncontrollable diarrhea. Uncontrollable as far as not being able to make it to the bathroom on time. Has anyone ever had this after having a baby? Thanks
Yes! I had the same problem, during entire 2nd pregnancy, and after. I would suggest seeing a gastroenterologist since it's been a couple weeks. I wound up with microscopic colitis, praying this is not at all your case. Were you recently on antibiotics? Testing for C.Diff, ova and parasites, stool culture would be a good start. Preferably through Genova diagnostics CDSA; lab corp and quest and hospitals miss a lot. Cure zone forum would confirm this. Enterolab stool test is pricey but may help rule out food triggers/allergens. Also, testing for celiac would be wise. I am so sorry! I do completely understand. My youngest is 2 1/2 now so I have spent a great amount of time becoming educated on diarrhea and causes.

Did you deliver vaginally or c-sect? My 2 hrs of nonstop pushing w/ 1st baby started the diarrhea. I didn't think much of it because it was D 1x/day. I made the mistake of thinking, "ahh well, I guess it's from pregnancy". Learn from my mistake, better to figure it out now than later. Hopefully, it is just a passing bug but I wouldn't hesitate to get a doctor on board.

I should have began by saying, congratulations on your baby!!!!

My best,
Iriechic :)
That's what made me go in the first time and get a diagnosis! It happened again after my second baby too. I felt alright for the most part, but I was going all the time and sometimes u didn't get there in time. My docs out me on mesalamine enemas and prednisone; they worked great, but I stopped the enemas because they were causing some other side effects that I wasn't willing to put up with. I'm now taking prednisone, Imuran, and pentasa. The way my doctor explained it was that some if us are just lucky and might need to keep some depends on hand :) it all depends on where your disease is located I think.
I hear it's common for Crohns to go in remission during pregnancy or stay the same and then flare postpartum. Might just take time for hormones to level out. Please don't feel alone. You can pm me if you ever need support.
As iriechic mentioned, it might just be hormones. But, I would definitely see your dr in case it's a flare or something else. I don't have CD (my 9 yo son does), but I had I terrible time with diarrhea for months after both of my children's births. Tests were done and nothing was found, so it was chalked up to hormones. I hope it settles for you. Congratulations on your new arrival!