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Diarrhea and Remission - Do Foods Trigger This?


I'm already 2 months in remission (infliximab + imuran induced calpro < 50, no diarrhea, cramps..). Occasionally, I get diarrhea time to time (about 3x per month). I think that some foods trigger this. I could not identify the cause because I eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and other high fiber food (beans etc..). I almost never experience discomfort.

Is this behavior also present in other Crohnies in remission? I really have no clue why this happens. After couple of hours, diarrhea/pain disappears. I thought that high fiber trigger this, but it happens sometimes with other, low fiber foods also.

Thanks for help!

Cross-stitch gal

Staff member
Yes, I've been in remission for a bit and still get symptoms occasionally once in awhile. The cause could be foods, stress and even my time of the month will do it. Doesn't actually mean I'm really in a flare, just part of the game for me. However, if the symptoms do happen I do my best to take it as easy as possible during those times if I can.

Hope this helps some.