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Diarrhea from iron supplements

Hi All,

Does anyone else get diarrhea, cramps and mucus from taking iron supplements? I know it sounds odd as iron supps usually cause constipation. For some reason, I am getting the opposite.

My iron stores are low and I have been advised to take some iron supplements. I have tried Feramax which is supposed to be super gentle however I got cramps and diarrhea from it. I have also taken one that is compounded at the pharmacy and it causes diarrhea, cramps and mucus.

Anyone have any suggestions on a good quality iron supplement that does not cause GI upset? The doctor recommended Proferrin but I have not tried it yet.

I have a question too if u don't mind I borrow ur thread.

I'm also having diarrhea and I only eat one small portion of porridge a day. Which made me so weak to even walk for a short distance.

Can ORS aka oral rehydration salts sachet help me? Or any other ways to recover my energy so I can walk longer?