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Diarrhea question

Idk if I’m positing this in the right spot or where to ask questions. Does anyone have suggestions on how to stop diarrhea. I try Imodium and seems I get a build up and then it makes it worse. Does that happen to anyone ?

my little penguin

Staff member
Have you talked to your Gi ?
Most don’t recommend trying to stop it by normal methods
They do bloodwork /imaging /scopes
And add flare meds such as steriods if needed
Change maintenance meds if needed

inflammation needs calmed to calm diarrhea from crohns
When I was at my worst, taking Imodium or even Lomotil wouldn't even slow it down. It's best to try to get at treating the root cause instead of just treating symptoms. I'd recommend talking to your GI. If you don't have one, your family doctor needs to refer you to one.
Thanks guys. I have Crohns and Ibs so we aren’t sure what’s causing my symptoms. My last calpro was 75. I tried Imodium and had a bad reaction. Lot of pain and back up diarrhea.