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Diarrhea with constipation severe pain

diarrhea with constipation severe pain

The past couple of days I feel like I have to go and can't also down to going about twice a day but it is still the watery D. This is not normal for me and neither is abdominal pressure. Normal for me is about 10-12 watery stools a day. I went to the ER all they did was a urine check and blood test both of which didn't show an infection. Also he thought that I possibly had a bladder infection because the pain is really low dead center and very painful for them to push. Gave me morphine through the IV and sent me home with vicodin. Confused because this does not seem like a normal flare to me


It is possible to be consipated and still have diarrhea. What can happen is basically, a blockage of stool pluggs the rectum or lower colon, but watery stool still flows around the blockage. If it is a stool blockage, it would be painful, and of course feel like you have to have a bowel movement. Plus the stool that is not able to pass the blackage would build up and cause pressure.

Vicodin could cause more problems, as it has the potential to cause more constipation... I would be heading back to the ER and asking someone about this further...just to make sure.....

hope you find some answers....
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It is sounding like a partical bowel obstruction to me too. Vicodin will bind, and the D is backing up. If you start to vomit go back to the ER and go on IV and potassium.