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I have now been on Humira since July, also taking Mezavant XL1200mg and Loperamide 2mg up to 16mg a day. My Diarrhea and urgency to go is still out of control up to 15 times a day plus and i suffer bad flare ups.
The Humira is controlling my "arthritis" and other symptoms but not the diarrhea. I have tried changing diets, eating rice bananas etc but no luck, i can not go out without risk and need to carry toilet paper all the time.
Has any body got any knowledge of a better drug then loperamide to control diarrhea, or any idea or personal experience if i can take more then the maximum dose of of 8 tablets in 24 hours (16mg) safely or any tips that improve my problems?

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A stronger drug than loperamide is Lotronex. It's has some rare but serious side effects and so must be used under close supervision by your doctor. But diarrhea sufferers who have had success with Lotronex consider it a godsend.

I don't get much diarrhea so I have never used it myself.


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What has your GI said about your continued symptoms? It may be that the Humira isn't enough or maybe the dosing schedule needs to be adjusted. I also wonder if maybe a short course of steroids might help for now until the Humira has a little more time to work better for you which may be up to six months.
I was on steroids before and that caused a cataract, so very reluctant to go back on steroids. So you think Humira may work in the end even with my Diarrhea? My Dr is considering putting me on 40 mg weekly instead of fortnightly , is that a good idea?

My son was on humira. He moved to weekly to help control the inflammation. He was also on methotrexate injections in addition to the humira. For most people, combo therapy works well. And moving the humira to weekly is common and does help some people.

When you find a med to control the CD you shouldn't need the meds for diarrhea because controlling the CD should eliminate all your symptoms.

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Ds was moved from every two weeks on humira to every 10days then once a week and now every 5 days
He also takes Mtx
Increasing humira frequency has worked well for him especially with Mtx added
Also helps his arthritis btw
I have been using codeine for diarrhea for the last 16 years. I've had 3 good size resections so even when not flared and feeling good, I was using the bathroom 5-10x's/day. I take 90mg 4x's a day which is a high dose but I have built resistance to it. I have now been on this dose for 5yrs and it still works. All the other meds made me bloated and basically just felt like I had a plug down there. They didn't help with cramping, pain etc so while I wasn't going to the bathroom as often, I had severe abdominal pain from gas & cramping which I wasn't passing. My GI prefers me to go to my GP for it so they can monitor it for refills (my GI is hard to get in to). I have switched family Dr's a few times over the years and have never met resistance from a new DR once they know my history and see I only take it as prescribed and am not coming in before I'm due for a refill. Using a narcotic is not for everyone but it's been life saving for me. It took me 10yrs to convince my mother to try it (she also has crohns) and she regrets not starting it sooner (FYI she only required 60mg/daily for it to be effective).
Sadly codeine does not do much for me, i have been on it for years, but i can only take 60mg a day or i will get migraines which are worth then diarrhea as due to the headaches nausea etc
I have had 2 bowel resections and duting the last one they took half my colon.I use the bathroom 5-10 times a day. Codeine does work bit also makes me sick. Codone works also h t I dont want the dependancy on either of them. I use to be on a medicine called Lomotil. For me it was a wonder drug. I started usin the bathroom around 3 times a day.Which ws way better to me. Hope this helps.