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Did you flare after pregnancy?

Hi guys - I'm currently pregnant with first child, Just wondering how people got on with crohns disease during there pregnancy and after?
I was in remission before (had a bowel resection in October 2013 and have been off meds since) , so pretty healthy apart from the odd toilet troubles when eating certain foods, and have been so so well since being pregnant, it's great!

I'm worried that after he is born though, it will flare up again. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone or if they remained in remission? Xx
Hey there,

I flared about 3 months after my little girl was born. I think this is largely due to my diet while I was pregnant - I ate absolutely whatever I wanted and I am now suffering for it...she is 11 months now, so I've been in a flare for a good 8 months! I wouldn't worry or stress, as that will only make things worse...just writing to tell you that I really think diet matters, even when you feel great on pregnancy! I eat SCD and Paleo now, and that is helping. I'd try to stick as close to that diet as possible (with an occasional give in to a craving!)
I just had my son on May 5th and I too ate whatever I wanted essentially and now am paying for it via flaring. I am trying to get back on my diet but it is much harder with a newborn. I think diet plays a role but I also think hormones do as well since I get some of my worst crohn's pains when on my period pre pregnancy. I haven't had any resections though, so there's that.
Hi there, had my first in Sep last year. I did flare after pregnancy, but just a minor one. My GI said it was very common.

Good luck with your pregnancy :ysmile:
I flared 6 months after delivering my baby girl. I had stopped my meds (6mp) prior to conceiving because I had been in remission for a while and wanted to see if I could do without meds. Apparently not...! Now on 6mp + remicade and doing well, about to try for #2!
Great question and nice information to know about post-pregnancy flares. I too am pregnant (very newly pregnant) and am doing well....also had a resection in 2013, like Jenbob, and have been in remission since then. Thank you ladies for the information, good to know that flares are common after giving birth, especially if I don't eat as well as I should!!
I flared during pregnancy with my second and I really struggled to get it under control. I didn't want to take anything as no one REALLY knows the risks so I just basically suffered. I'm now nine months post partum and it's still flared!
With both my pregnancies I did well! No diarrhea, no flares. But, 6-9 months after giving birth I had a partial bowel obstruction, with lots of inflammation at the site of my resection. I believe the hormones during pregnancy helped me stay in remission.