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Did you follow SCD Lifestyle or Breaking The Vicious??

Just curious how many of you followed the intro of the SCD Lifestyle book (no dairy) and how many followed the original Breaking The Vicious Cycle?
I haven't seen the SDCLifestyle book so i'm happy to be corrected........
SCD lifestyle's website does stress the importance of yougurt[1] (beginning to introduce it at the end of the second week) but also on another page they say don't start eating it until you have been on SCD for at least 30 days[2], and it is definitely on their list of '4 horsemen'[3]

I think this just shows a couple of things,
-A progression of understanding that each individual is different (from another, and from themselves at different times), and it is impossible to give a 'one-size' solution
-The acknowledge the importance of probiotics, but not always cow yougurt (99% of the lactose may be gone but the casien is still there -{{this is not SCD advice, it is mine- try goat or sheep milk or non dairy fermented foods (carefully and cautiously) like PHD or GAPS -avoiding bifodus strains)}}
-Some people have issues with the yougurt, and it is best to let some healing occur before trying it.
-Approach with caution, Just be*cause it is in the book doesn't mean that it is good for YOU at THIS stage of your journey.

One of the biggest improvements i had way stopping the yougurt. 8 month later i could eat it and kefir etc with no issues

Other SCD websites also have instructions for personalising the diet. PeacanBread has a page on How to Improve SCD[4], and mentions yougurt may be tolerated 'after a period of time', as well as pointing at other foods to be wary of[5]

[1] "The take home point of the article is don’t neglect eating SCD legal yogurt. It is an extremely nourishing food delivering a payload of good bacteria that are just waiting to help get rid of the bad bacteria in your gut. SCD legal yogurt cannot be substituted by using probiotic pills! But don’t throw them away as they usually contain other good bacteria strains not available in homemade yogurt. Ideally you will start taking probiotics as soon as your start the diet and then start very slowly adding in SCD legal yogurt at the end of the 2nd week of the diet or in the 3rd week."
[2] "Now before I go any further just a word of caution, Jordan and I do not recommend trying diary until you’ve been on the SCD diet at least 30 days "
[3] "What to do if SCD isn’t working for you
Here’s how to tweak SCD using the “Four Dark Horsemen Strategy” and quickly get the diet working for you.
1) "Start by eliminating one of the four horsemen for four days. Here’s the key: don’t change anything else in your diet so any changes you notice are only from the food you eliminated. Four days gives you enough time to tell if it’s the only tweak you needed."

[4] The intro (done properly) identifies problem foods - which may be SCD legal but still not tolerated by that individual.....
"If you did not follow this introduction to SCD, then you are not doing the real SCD. The real SCD means that your child is only eating foods that he can tolerate,if he cannot tolerate a certain SCD legal food then he will not get the full benefit of SCD."
I followed Breaking the Vicious Cycle, but the SCD Lifestyle book helped organize the other book's info so I guess you could say I used both. I did and do eat dairy. Breaking the Vicious Cycle is somewhat confusing.

You have to be careful with the SCD Lifestyle site, however, as they occasionally deviate and use illegal ingredients. The original SCD Lifestyle book is fine though. It breaks things down and makes your first period of SCD as easy as possible considering the big changes.