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Did your IBD come on suddenly or gradually?

I am as yet undiagnosed but had what I think was my first flare last year. Started with a migraine, an episode of loose stools, tugging tummy cramps for a few days which then stopped followed by vile, vile smelling gas and explosive diarrhoea. The diarrhoea also turned bloody for a few days then went back to normal. This lasted for 3 weeks. I was then okay until I had another flare over Christmas. This time, very little bleeding but 2 weeks of diarrhoea and an acid feeling tummy with that same vile smelling gas.
Been fine since then except for rib and upper tummy ache.

Did your symptoms come on gradually or suddenly like mine did?

Cross-stitch gal

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I really don't remember because I believe I've always had IBD from the time that I was a kid and had symptoms at that time. But, when I was 15 or 16 I do remember losing weight which was when they started doing tests on me to find out what was going on with me. However, they didn't find IBD until I was 18.
I never had symptoms before now (I am 32). With me it came on like a bug but I knew it was more then that when it went on so long and reoccured.


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Mine came on extremely suddenly - I can even remember the exact day it began. It started with uncontrollable diarrhoea with no warning, and in the days and weeks that followed the weight and appetite loss started. Those continued until my diagnosis, when I was put on a maintenance treatment, which cleared up all of my symptoms.


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Don't worry about asking questions :) I had better days and worse days, but it was roughly the same up until my diagnosis. I don't remember it very well because it was 10 years ago and I was only 9! But I had a fairly quick diagnosis (only about a month and a half after symptoms started) so I didn't have to endure it for too long.
Thank you Emma, I appreciate that. With me, My symptoms seem to come and go. It just worries me as my first 'flare' was so severe that I feel it will only get worse. My second 'flare' wasn't as bad and that came a few months later (I was ok inbetween) but I am still worried that I am going to end up a severe case in the end. :(

Lynda Lynda

My UC DID NOT come on gradually. July 1997 ! I am still confused what a "flare up" is because I have had diarrhea for 20 years, with only one short period in 2014 and 2016 when I was severely constipated. Take Care and keep in touch.

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In 17 years of IBD I have never had the chance of what is called spontaneous remission (a calm down or remission without medical intervention). I remember clearly my symptoms starting in summer 2001 on a vacation with gradual emergencies and cramps, blood and mucus increasing to a culminating to point I could not bare anymore and went to the generalist doctor. That was in early September. I should have been earlier for a medical consultation, but I was young and in denial and simply though I had a bug or something not serious. So finally I got the diagnosis real fast with barium x-ray of colon and few days later I met the GI for a colonoscopy. Ever since, everytime I have a flare, symptoms presents the same way, with continuous deterioration until a pharmacological treatment is given to me. I wish my type of colitis would sometimes just resolves by itself like some other patients, to give a break, but seems no my case.
Mine came on suddenly. I remember it vividly. One day I was fine and the next I started getting foul smelling gas coupled with awful stomach cramps and blood and mucus. It's like it came out of nowhere and all at once.
Luckily, I no longer get the stomach cramps. I don't know why they stopped, they just did. But the rest of my original symptoms remain when ever I have a flare up.
It's so strange how one day I was fine and the next I had plenty of symptoms.
Then it went away for a few months. Then came back, minus the stomach cramps. Then went away and so on.
Being diagnosed for me was actually a relief as I was convinced that I had something a lot more sinister going on!