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Didn't Expect All This After Ileocolic Surgergy

Hello there :) Sorry to hear that your recovery hasn't been straightforward. Like you say, hopefully you're on the mend now. Re: stool colour, it can take a few weeks for them to return to 'normal' - well, as normal as we Crohnies can be - but I would mention to the docs that they are still dark. From the hemmie, is it fresh, red blood that you see?
I'm tagging Warge, another forum member who has had surgery recently and some issues with wound infection and she may have some advice.
Hi, sorry to hear you're having these complications.

Like you I had blood after surgery which turned out to be a hemorrhoid. I'd never had one before either, but apparently it is common after bowel surgery and it appears to have gone away on its own.

My surgery wound (open surgery) opened up by itself post-surgery. It took about 3 weeks to heal fully. I worried a lot about it and thought it would take forever but it improved so quickly and really surprised me. Your body is amazing at healing itself.

Take it easy and hope you recover well
Yes, I had mucous-like stuff in my BMs too. I also have random days where I have no BM at all, but then I will normally make up for that they day after :p I started off really constipated and now it has gone the complete opposite so I'm expecting it to take a while for things to settle down. It is a major invasive surgery after all. I'm sure they said it can take 6 months for the bowel to settle.

My open wound didn't need packing, so it might not have needed as much deep healing as yours. I think you will just have to accept that it is going to take longer for you to recover than expected but at least you have a good excuse to take it easy, relax and have other people do the hard work for you :D

I hope your recovery goes smoothly and even if it feels like your body is taking ages to heal, it will get there eventually. If someone had told me this at the time I wouldn't have believed them or felt any better, but it is true.
It's ok, I felt sorry for myself plenty of times too :) We're allowed to every now and then. It's not an easy thing to go through, keep your chin up! xx