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Diet Help and Advice

So my GI has now put me on a low fodmap (so canned peaches and applesauce are out), low carb (due to bloating and gas), low fibre diet and I am like, what am I supposed to eat?????? Any advice would be helpful. I'm thinking a little bit of orange juice, eggs, banana chocolate peanut butter smoothies with protein powder (is a little bit of spinach ok? what about peeled seedless cucumber?) plain fish, chicken, well cooked carrots and green beans??? peeled zucchini noodles and low fodmap tomato sauce. Would mashed turnips or parsnips also be ok? What about well cooked broccoli heads only? I can't do dairy or gluten (have been gluten sensitive since a kid) though I am eating lactose free greek yogurt. @my little penguin I picked up some miralax and took my first dose today. Hoping it helps with my ongoing hard stools. I will need surgery on my stricture but have to get this inflammation fully under control first.

my little penguin

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Fodmaps is for ibs pain not crohns /UC ???
Miralax takes three days to see an improvement and then Ds must take it daily after that

the crohns exclusive diet I believe has a list of approved foods that might meet your do not eat list .....

Here is the full article


Dietary Therapy With the Crohn’s Disease Exclusion Diet is a Successful Strategy for Induction of Remission in Children and Adults Failing Biological Therapy
AbstractBackground. Loss of response [LoR] to biologics in Crohn’s disease [CD] is a significant clinical problem. Dietary therapy as a treatment strategy in t


Here is the thread woth all the diet details when Ds was on it
New diet Ibd
http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Tsili_Zangen3/publication/263548102_Partial_Enteral_Nutrition_with_a_Crohn's_Disease_Exclusion_Diet_Is_Effective_for_Induction_of_remission_in_Children_and_Young_Adults_with_Crohn's_Disease/links/54b19a200cf28ebe92e18ee6.pdf Anyone hear about this diet yet?

List of dos and donts

They are listed in the appendix
Allowed daily meals : foods may be grilled fried baked boiled or broiled
Unlimited chicken/fish
Fresh unprocessed beef steak ( lean meat such as sirloin ) once a week
White rice
Rice noodles
2 fresh potatoes peeled not frozen and not consumed at same meal
2 eggs
2 tomatoes
2 cucumbers peeled
1 carrot ( shavings )
Fresh spinach ( side portion)
1 apple ( peeled )
2 bananas
1 avacado
Few strawberries
Slice Melon
Allowed condiments for cooking
Olive oil
Canola oil
Salt pepper paprika cinnamon stick
Fresh herbs ( mint leaves oregano coriander Rosemary sage basil thyme)
Fresh onion or garlic or ginger
Fresh carrot shaving for salad rice or soup
True honey
Table sugar (2-3 teaspoons a day for cooking or tea)
Beverages -soda water , water herbal teas
One glass of freshly squeezed Orange juice daily ( not from cartons or bottles)

Not allowed
Dairy products of any kind margarine
Wheat breakfast cereal breads and baked goods of any kind yeast for baking
Gluten free products not listed above soya products potato or corn flour
Processed or smoked meats and fish (sausages luncheon meats salamis fish sticks)
Sauces salad dressing syrups or jams of any kind
Canned products or dried fruits
Packaged snacks (potato chips pretzels popcorn nuts etc)
All soft drinks fruit juices and sweetened beverages alcoholic beverages coffee
Candies chocolates cakes cookies and gum