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Dietary Creatine as a Possible Novel Treatment for Crohn’s Ileitis

I have used creatine monohydrate for bodybuilding purposes for years, and have absolutely no effect in crohn's.
The patient used creatine hydrochloride, but for some strange reason they
are using monohydrate in the UC clinical trial.
Whether there is a difference in its action, dont know.

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Pretty interesting! here's the link for the trial, i could not open in in the first post... : https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02463305?term=creatine+IBD&rank=1

Creatine monohydrate... that is the supplement we can find in gym stores? I remember a friend who used to take this.
I am really curious... I might try it!
They are trying 21g/day for the trial. That seems quite a lot...
I wonder if this supplement is associated with any serious side effects...?
I could definatly take a few more pound or muscular mass actually :ytongue:
Well for the creatine hydrochloride you only need around 1 gram as the patient took.

Why they are using the monohydrate,dont know but for weight lifters
the loading dose is around 21 grams then they drop back.
So that is what they might be trying in the clinical trial.

Mine is arriving in the mail this afternoon.
You can get at walmart but it is 75% creatine hydochoride and 25% artificial sweetener,
so I decided to get the pure stuff from ebay.

here are a few more studies,for people who like to research for
any possible answer,as I do.

possible paleo connection,might even have something to do
with why vegans get IBD,who knows.

creatine kinase and inflammatory disorders

Metabolic regulation of intestinal epithelial barrier during inflammation

monohydrate vs hydrochloride

too much or even some can be dangerous -rhabdomyolysis

also another caution pulls water into the muscles then causes dehydration
in the rest of the body, need to drink extra.

Also I think I read somewhere that supplements might decrease denovo
systhesis. ANother aspect is that if we dont need to make so much creatine
which uses 40% and I have read up to 70% of the methy groups from
Sam-E,these methyl groups might be useful for synthesis of other stuff.
The monohydrate probably the natural form.

Since I have been researching IBD since 1980, I was interested to see
something new and different.

Just took my first 0.5 gram dose, 1/8 teaspoon, we will see how my
gut likes it,or not.

Old Mike
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I tried Creatine after learning about this study and thought I ought to mention that on the second day of my experiment I had a flare-up in my small intestines that got my attention. I rarely get noticeable flare-ups that make me go "Oh boy"; maybe once every month. So I took the Creatine pill to see if that would help and the flare up seemed to subside. But the THIRD day I had a super flare-up (super by my metric at least since I've never had to be admitted) and had to go the hospital because I got real bad abdominal cramping (I think trapped gas, but Gas-X did nothing).
They gave me tons of IV fluid, bags of IV antibiotics (so much it surprised my nurse), steroids, and even a shot of blood thinner for some reason.
They did a CAT scan and saw my appendix was inflamed, or at least the tip of it, and scheduled me for an appointment on the next day to get it taken out, but that proved unnecessary.
I just thought I should mention this, even though I don't want to scare people off from something that could help them. But I feel strongly that, at least in my case, the flare-up was caused by it since it happened just two days after starting it and I never got a flare-up this intense. Whether it was also responsible for my appendix flaring up directly or indirectly I just don't know.

For the record, the pills I had taken (just one each day--I was being super conservative) were RARI Nutrition's Creatine HCL. 750mg creatine per pill.

Filler ingredients are gelatin (the capsule part), rice flour, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide.
Well since creatine does not seem to be doing anything for me one way or the other,
and looking at Steve's adverse event.
I think I will stop taking it.
Too bad it was something new and different, plus you get it from food and
none of us are taking more than we get from a pound or so of steak give or take.
As with all supplements be on the look out for any signs of adverse events.
There have been a few times I thought I may have to go to the er, Chinese herbs.
comes to mind,plus a few others like lacto fermented pickles or cabbage,what
a disaster that was.

Old Mike