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Dietitian on the ball

I am currently in hospital getting supportive treatment for my Crohn's. The doctors are a bit useless but my Dietitian is amazing.
-She checks my bloods everyday even after the doctors have said "your bloods look fine" and has picked up on a number of problems. For example, she has made them replace my magnesium when she has noticed it is too low.
-She has determined from my stools that I am not digesting fats and proteins and has suggested Enzyme replacement for when I return to eating solids. (Something I had never heard of before)
-She is on the ward everyday and her investigation has even prompted the doctors to order an ultrasound even though they had previously said it was unnecessary.
-She has guided the nurses in how to administer the tube feed and has been a huge support in general.
I'm so glad someone understands the supportive therapy needed with this disease.