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Diets that have worked

So I was wondering if anyone on here has ever tried any sort of diet that has worked for them. I've heard of quite a few since I was diagnosed back in '03 but I've always been stubborn with the "I'll eat what I want" mentality.

Some of the ones I've heard of:

  • Macrobiotic Diet
  • Low Residue Diet
  • The Maker's Diet
  • The "Eat fruits and veggies so your bowel resets itself" diet

I can research each of these myself, but I was curious if any of you guys/gals have had any luck with them.



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Sorry, I've never tried a diet specifically to help with Crohn's.....
The only diet I was on was related to high doses of Prednisone..."The See Food Diet"....See food eat it, See food eat it, See food eat it......20lbs later. Thanks Prednisone!
I'm currently doing that diet lol.
I tend to get spoiled into eating pretty much anything I want while on pred, but once I'm off, I've got to get strict again.
A lot of people use the SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) and apparantly it does wonders wbut is really hard to stick to. There's some threads on here somewhere.

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Yeah, like Shaz - I was gonna suggest that people seem to have good luck with SCD. A member on here, Crohns08 did very well on it if I remember correctly.
I tried a strict low-residue diet for a while, but i was in such a bad flare, it didn't help too much. I did notice a teeny bit of difference, so I try to keep it up as best as I can now. No sense in irritating my intestines if they are feeling happy.


I have the book about the Maker's Diet. It's Ri-God-Damn-diculous. It recommends goat's milk, and basically puts you on a diet like they would have in biblical times (see where "The Maker" comes in??? and also why I said "ri-god-damn-diculous"!!)

I'm currently going Glueten free. Basically I'm sticking to fresh fruits and veggies, and lean meats like chicken, fish, and filet mignon... mmmmm...

I used to be on a diet where I basically avoided "anything difficult to digest". Dr. Grovvitt from Yonkers was my nutritionist. He made me avoid nuts and seeds, ANY type of milk, which included white bread (who knew there was milk in it). I basically was reading every single label. But eventually I was off medication, and up untill recently, I've been off meds for about 4 years. I was able to enjoy college like I didn't high school.

So I've decided on Glueten free because it's a plain diet, and because Grovitt also used to make me avoid multigrain things, bagels, and english muffins. I think that there are many overlapping concepts, and I've taken care of this thing with diet before, and I know I can again.

BTW... I used to be a fat kid pre-crohn's, so this is coming from someone who ate half a pint of hagen dazs chocolate chocolate chip ice cream and a hot pocket daily... (not at the same time)... Diet is HUGE for us, and anyone who refuses to focus on FOOD when they have an INTESTINAL disorder is plain dumb... no offense sea fooders. GL ThatGuy, hope this helps you a little.
Elemental/LOFFLEX - purgatory followed by rice and chicken. I exagerate a bit for effect... but it's close enough. Worked for me to calm most of the inflammation in my colon, but not enough in terminal ileum to avoid drugs.
Well myself I've never tried any specific, infact I eat pretty much whatever I want to eat really. For example I'm sure the 2 very large home-made cream puffs I had tonight would cause havock on most peoples digestive systems. However I know that because I just had a good sized meal of pasta just before hand that I can tolerate that following it. I can eat anything but deep fried foods, Mcdonalds/Burger King...., caesar salad, ice cream, and some other random things. But for the most part I can even have a little ice cream following a good staple food meal. I just know I have to control when I have those things and how much I have. Of course if I ate two doughnuts this morning without breakfast I'd still be on the toliet but if I eat one after a nice good breakfast I'm fine. So with the exception of a few items and timing on when I eat the high sugar, fatty foods, and high dairy things I can eat pretty much whatever I want. I've experimented tons and I'm sure reeked some havoc on my intestines in the mean time but I'm glad I know for the most part what I can eat and when I can eat it.

Side note: If I eat anything at all even staple foods while I'm feeling sick then I will be sick gauranteed afterwards which threw a wrinkle into figuring out what worked and what didn't.

My aunt has Colitis and sticks to a very low sugar/carb diet. Also she cannot eat ANY white flour without running to the bathroom. Shes doing very very well on it too.

I guess it really depends where you are affected too, if you have a lot of the enzymes that are responsible for say carb digestion blocked out by inflamation and ulcers then no matter what carbs will bother you so a low carb diet would work well. Or if they were protien enzymes than low protien diet etc... I don't think there is any test or way of knowing unforunately and we are usually affected in more than one area too.
Yes! I'm trying hard to get out this information. I am off meds completely. I've never had to have surgery. However, it I hadn't found relief I probably would have bled to death by now. I have had one blood transfusion; my blood was down to 8. Here is my diet: I avoid all wheat, corn and gluten. I also avoid, like the plague, all wheat and corn derivatives. No mustard, ketchup, mayonaise, white vinegar, wheat pasta, soda pop, soy sauce... I do eat gluten free products that are also corn free. I eat a lot of rice, fruit, veggies (except corn lol), gluten free cookies (corn free ones), lean and unprocessed meats, milk, plain yogurt, cheeses and chocolate (as long as it's pure and made with sugar). I substitute apple cider vinegar for the white. I use "Vegenaise", a mayo substitute, made with apple cider vinegar instead of white. I'm fine with spaghetti sauce, but soy sauce will kill me. I use Bragg's liquid aminos as a soy sauce substitute. It has taken me years to figure all this out. I kept a food diary. There is HOPE out there. I know I'm not alone. I was willing to radically change my diet, and it worked. Check out my profile to find a link to my web site. On it I outline my diet in greater detail........Lynne
I think a lot of people have difficulties with tomatoes on here. Speaking for myself, spaghetti sauce would makes things very difficult. Same with broccoli or onions and since i have strictures I cant have certain fruits with seeds, etc. I don't know, I think what works for one might not work for another. I recently did a candida diet which basically doesnt leave a lot of foods and I found I felt pretty much the same.
Corn does seem to have an effect on a lot of people on here I find.
I'm glad it works for you!


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we as a family tried the fein gold food plan.

its basically taking all the processed and artificial stuff out of our diet. it help with our sons hyperativatity by didnt seem to do me any good.
I have been told to stick for a low residue diet for a bit, but even before that I found I can't tolerate seeds, certain veggies and fruits, tough cuts of meat. So I guess the low residue diet does work for me! I might not be completely in remission, but I only have minimal symptoms on it.
I have been following the Maker's Diet and it is pretty cool. I looked at a lot of different diets in an attempt to be gluten and casein free. There is a lot of overlap with the Macrobiotic, but not as severe (ie: Macro says "no" to eggplant and eggs, Maker's promotes all of them). Also Maker's talks about the type of meat to eat and overall a Macrobiotic concept of being cognitive overall of what we put in our bodies. As well, due to some further testing it was apparent I needed to back off fructose/sugar and the Maker's speaks to that too. It's a very positive way of addressing what you CAN eat, rather then CAN'T. At the same time nothing is fool proof, but I am already feeling an impact on my fatigue and getting up easier in the morning. Good luck!
Currently on the 2 bowls of broccoli and cheese a day diet. Hoping to firm up my stools. I'll let you know in a couple weeks if it works out.