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Starting this thread to keep up on any of the future developments surrounding Dietzia. This summary gives background and currently published research:

For those who haven't heard of Dietzia, it's a probiotic that was successfully used in cattle with MAP/Johne's disease, which mimics Crohn's in humans. It's been preliminarily trialed in a few human subjects, and results are not yet published. It will be interesting to see if more extensive trials begin in the near future.
Hi Scared - No, unfortunately this is not commercially available now. Like a lot of these meds surrounding the mycobacterial theory of CD, it needs to go through trials. Of course, no one funds these trials because success would mean killing a multi-billion dollar TNF industry, acknowledgement that our dairy is contaminated, and patients that are cured, rather than needing lifelong treatment. So from a dollar standpoint, it's not in a corporations interest to research a cure for CD. Of course, this is the cynic in me talking! I'm sure most in the industry truly think they are doing what's best for the patient or don't know the research.

Dietzia has been primarily trialed in cattle with Johne's disease, the equivalent of CD in cows. It specifically inhibits MAP somehow, though the mechanism is not yet fully discovered. There are some guesses in one of the articles in the post. There has been a small human trial with Dr. Borody, but results are still pending on that one.

So theoretically, it's available and isn't utilized, but because it hasn't gone through trials, it's not considered available for CD patients. Dr. Click just formed a Foundation to begin trials, so I hope to see this get moving soon. And the good news, I believe he's looking at US trials! We'll see though.
I know this is an old thread but I have only recently completed my research on this.

I cultured the very strain that Dr. Click described in his study and it worked for me.
I do not feel comfortable calling it a cure because that word comes with so much unscientific baggage.

I’m open to input on this from anyone because I do not have the resources to take this to the next level of human safety trials as a probiotic

It did save me from surgery and more medications and put me into complete remission and it helped a relative of mine who was developing Crohn’s disease as a teenager but thanks to this all signs and symptoms of disease are gone and he has now surpassed 50th percentile for hight and weight for his age when prior to this he was significantly undersized and underweight.