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Digestive Enzymes and probiotics

Some info on me
So i've recently signed up here. 20 years old now, been with crohns for probably most of my life. Diagnosed when I was 12. Havent been to the doctors in probably six years now. Been living off imodium for most of the time. (will see a doctor soon, finally getting health insurance.) Have been living with painful diarrhea for most of my life after eating almost anything. Also for the past two years i've been heavy into bodybuilding. Started at 118lbs 5'5", am now 150lbs solid (at least i know i'm absorbing some nutrients lol)

In the past month however, i discovered Garden of Life's omega zyme ultra. This has been a life changer so far. With a small change in diet and a couple of these enzyme pills with every meal, i feel much better. While i still get diarrhea, it isnt painful at all. Bathroom trips are much shorter.

With that said, I'm looking for a couple of things. A cheaper option, maybe try out the raw zyme product that garden of life has, and also one of the probiotic options that they put out as well.

Anyone else have any relief from these types of natural enzymes and probiotics?


Naples, Florida
Hi there and welcome :)

Frankly, if what you're taking is a life changer, I wouldn't dare go for a cheaper option. There's just too many variables and if you've found something that works really well, don't risk it. Yes, the cost is no doubt frustrating but improved health is invaluable, certainly worth more than saving a few bucks every few weeks.

I'm glad you're getting health insurance. You really need to get to a doctor. Sorry to nag and I know you know all this, we just worry and want the best for everyone with IBD :)