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Dinner out was a bust

dinner out was a bust

So its Saturday night and I went out to dinner with my son and a few other people. Towards the end of the meal I started getting those awful cramps. I was careful about what I ate but I knew what was coming. I had to hurry everyone and only my son knows my situation. I asked to be dropped off first and no I didn't want any company yada yada yada... I got in my bathroom just as my bag was gonna overflow. My stoma, Mt. Vesuvius, was still erupting and I had a big mess on my hands..... but thank god I got home in time. Normal people can sit on the toilet and push things out. But with a stoma there is no pushing. It is a waiting game of cramps and a slow emptying..
Or maybe fast. Tonight its been over an hour of nad cramps and eruptions still going.
I just wanted to whine to other ostomates who have been in my shoes sometimes ....
I've been though things like that. On my birthday when we went out to eat, I had some sick crap. I don't have a stoma thought and I feel really bad for you. Sh*t is really hard(get it? ;-))


:frown: Thats a bummer. This is why I have different sized bags. The only problem is bloomin noise Stan makes. If vesuvious is like Stan...I eat...he goes. So...bigger bag, less trips to toilet, happier times.

But to have it happen on your Birthday! Good grief, that just stinks!

Think how bad it could have been without a bag though. You'd still be in the restaurant. Or in a much more embarrassing situation. I have to try and put things in perspective sometimes, or I'd go mad. Before Stan, I couldnt go out at ALL. Including the grocery store FFS. So, get some bigger bags, and lets go out to an all you eat buffet you and I. And let us grin! Seems to me you need another birthday outting young lady!!!

Serious belly hugs, and wishing you a better birthday!!!


I love you God.
Haha I did just that tonight too! My friend wanted to eat at TWO resturaunts, pizza at one and tbo
ne steak at another! I was game but goodness my bag was so tight I felt the pressure. I went to a local bar and had a few beers and I thought I was gonna burst!!! So I just mentioned it to a few friends luckily they all poke fun with me. Thank god. Also it's a good excuse to leave early if you don't want to stay;)