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Direct-to-colonscopy follow-up question

Hi everyone,

My GP made a GI referral for suspected IBD (symptoms & +calprotectin) and I've been booked for a "direct to procedure" colonoscopy next week. I won't have met the gastroenterologist before then. I guess obviously they will make a follow-up appointment if there are any significant findings, but in the event the colonoscopy looks normal, what should I expect? Would there typically be discussion with the gastroenterologist (that day or in a follow-up appointment) about further imaging, or would I just be told to follow-up with my GP again if the scope is normal?

Thank you :)

my little penguin

Staff member
Depends on the country
If your given sedation for the colonoscopy or awake
Typically a “routine “ scope they talk to you afterwards - but you usually don’t remember any of it
Have someone with you so they can ask questions
If they find something either visually or on biopsy they call and then do imaging
Otherwise they may or may not do imaging afterwards

biopsy results can be done within a week in the US
Not sure of other countries