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Dirty anus even after wiping well

Do any of you have this problem?
When I have diarrhea, which I have now...I go and I thoroughly clean, using baby wipes if I have to. My anus burns and I have to keep going to the bathroom to clean some more because it seems like there is a little leakage or something.
Now I KNOW that a cleaned really well! I wipe and wipe until there is nothing left but then when I have to go and clean again there is more. Is it just that there is some leaking inbetween bathroom trips or what?
Is it something to worry about and tell my doctor?
I occasionally get a little leak, but i do know of people on here that do have leaking quite a bit, tbh i dnt think it is something that is urgent, just maybe bring it up at your next routine appoinment with your GI.
Oh yes!!! Let me know what your doc says coz I have it all the time. I swear you could eat your dinner off my butt when I've finished but five mins I go back with burning and itching and you'd think I never wiped at all...

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I get a little bit of leakage relatively often, I've told my doctors and none of them seem overly concerned and I'm not sure there is much that can fix the problem anyway. I just wear pantyliners incase - makes me feel a little safer.

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Lishyloo said:
I swear you could eat your dinner off my butt ...
I might just have to nominate this ^^ for 'post of the week'. That's awesome!

I've had the leaky butt too. It's like I almost didn't finish going all the way, and it wants to clear itself out. Such a tiny amount, it usually doesn't even get to my undies. Anyways - for the burning butt, you might want to try a barrier cream. Calmoseptine is one that many of us on here swear by. I use it almost daily - it's great stuff for burning butt!
My surgeon told me that because I have a lot of scarring in my rectum and right on top of the anal sphincter, I will always have leakage. I almost always have to keep toilet paper in my butt. I say this because if you do have scarring it could be the cause. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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Yes the calmoseptine is a product no Crohnie should be without. I use wipes with aloe and put the calmoseptine on, protects you if you should leaks feels good and make sure you wear panty liners, long ones!

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You may have to ask at the pharmacy to have them special order it. Most places can have it by the next day. Or sometimes they just keep it behind the counter. Katie got hers at Walgreen's. It's like gold, I tell ya'.


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pewpewlasers said:
Looked for Calmoseptine at Walmart this evening and no luck. Will try Walgreens or CVS. :( I want it now!
I got it at both the Walgreens and walmart Pharmacy. It took only one day. Make sure you order extra...one to carry in the purse too.