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Dirty potty

So this past weekend my fiancée and I went out to eat with her father and brother and sister. Well after eating my awesome half pound Fudruckers burger I had gotten that urge of needing to go. So I get up go and find the bathroom walk into the only stale look down. What do I find to my surprise someone had done the Friggin Irish jig on the seat!:ymad: Some how I didn't need to go anymore. But honestly why do people do crap like this?

Another crap shoot that happened in the past. I stopped at a grocery store to use the bathroom and as I was entering some guy and his young son entered to. Again there was only one stall so they went first I waited outside. Five minutes later they exit and I enter go to open the stall door and its locked! The ***** kid went under the door and left it locked and the grown friggin adult didn't do crap about it. I was so livid I almost ripped the door off but decided it wasn't worth it and went to the next store.

Why do people disrespect public bathrooms so much? Anyone else run into issues like this before?
Not me- but buddy, I would have hustled out of the bathroom after that guy and made him bring his midgy in to unlock the door!!! :O)
It never ceases to amaze me how some people will leave a toilet.

When I leave, no one would know I had been there. Well apart from the clouds of air freshener!

I was in India a few years ago, we had dinner on the beach, I went to the loo and found basically a cess pit in a shack. There was poo EVERYWHERE. I tried to hover, but in attempting to avoid getting poo (and other suspicious looking bodily excretia) on my shoes I ended up adopting a contorted ninja stance. As I tried to pull my (white linen) trousers up I skidded and fell in it. When I got back to the table I looked like I had been mugged by a sloppy turd. What a night to remember that was!

I do find women in general seem to be beasts though. How do ladies manage to wee or poo on the seat? The women at my last company were foul, I would often look around the office wondering who it was who had the lobsided bumhole that left skids all up one side of the pan and smeared on the lid...

Maybe us Crohnies are more fastidious because we know we have an innate stinkiness that we compensate for?

Lishyloo x
LOL. I don't know how people get poo on the seat either! I really can't figure it out! And the other thing that grosses me out is when you go into a toilet and someone has left a big poo floating in there! I don't know about you guys but I ALWAYS check the toilet before I leave. Eugh!

I don't recall ever weeing on the seat either. perhaps some ladies like to try and pee standing up to avoid sitting on the seat?
i really don't get it either.....seriously, it's so gross.
I think it could be the hover, but i think it's just that some people are slobs. :(
We get it in the guys ALL the time!!
With the standing on the seat thing, I think thats what some cultures just do!

I wnt to cuba last yeah and out in the town they had no seats on the toilet at all! And 99% of the time no toilet paper! I learnt to carry some in my pocket and how to hover real quickly!
Peaches said:
Not me- but buddy, I would have hustled out of the bathroom after that guy and made him bring his midgy in to unlock the door!!! :O)
I would have but he knew better than to wait around for me to firgure it out so he scamperd off somewhere in the store.

I also like it when men are to lazy to lift up the seat to take a pee and or are to shy to use the urinal for that. I mean come on grow a pair and get over it.