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Disability Denied- System driving me crazy

The social system is taking the win on me and not only driving my crazy but taking all my energy and mental health. Not feeling good at all. Continuous battle to "prove" I am not healthy and am supposed to get the benefits I am supposed to get. Starting to feel sings of depression again.

Its so crazy. They deny you a benefit and want you to complain about it. But the proses to have your complaint handled is like 1½ years. And durring that time you can not apply for the same benefit. And the amount of documentation they need. What my doctor says in not enough since they have a "expert doctor" that in reality is no expert in anything.. just what they call all their insurance doctors. But he has the power to over rule anything my care-doctor has said. I mean really. How can they be an expert in something only a coule people in Finland have (talking of the short gut syndrome.. not crohns) when even my own doctor is hardly an expert and atleast she has years of experience as a gastroenterologist. This drives me crazy and mad.
end of venting! (for now)
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Hi Sanni. We might not have the same kind of system here, but we have insurance companies with panels of doctors that do the same stupid things.I think its just who its making those decisions, the government our a private company. I spent 6 months fighting those idiots who never, ever, saw me who decided not to approve covering Humira at first.
Thats exactly what they do here. Some doctor that never has seen you or spoken to you and never will makes desisions on your life. They can ignore whatever info they want to and base the reasoning of their own desision on the "fact" that they are an expertice doctor.. in EVERYTHING. This is the government insurance that I am having problems with.

A year ago they took away my disability retirement and are making me be unemployed in a communuty that getting a job is impossible even if healty. Now they are making me fight for benefits that they should just be giving to me.

My complaint on the retirement is still in handling and now I will be starting a second complaint on this new thing. Its so draining of energy. Ever since I got the desision in the mail 2 days back I have not had a good nights sleep. I usually sleep well, but now I feel I have not slept in 2 nights. Might have to start up some relaxation exersize. Gladly today is a more active day so hopefully I will actually be tired and sleep next night.
Disability is a problem for people that are truly disabled to qualify for here as well. I bet they have no idea what short gut syndrome even is. Here in the States there are attorneys making millions of dollars representing clients in disability claims cases. It should not be that way. I really hope things start getting better for you.
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Thanks Doug. I hope so too.

In Finland there is only a hand full of people with as sevire short gut as I have. I am in care in the main hospital in Helsinki and my doctor sais they have les then 5 patience like me. I know in person 1 of them. It just makes you wonder how an isurance doctor can be an expert in a condition of that an average doctor will not even have heard of in his years as a student. They make the disision based on the crohns diagnosis and ignore the short gut which is the more sevire diagnosis causing problems in every day. Just dont understand that. :(

My friend with the same situation got hold of the name of the doctor that has over ruled her benefit. His other job is a general practis doctor specialized in giving health documents for people getting their drivers licence. I really would like to know what he REALLY knows about short gut. :D
You know, all one has to do is ask this. What is the function of the small bowel? What would happen if most of it was no longer there?. Small bowel absorbs nutrients from foods. So just follow it from there. Short gut syndrome is a disability. A very rare, and rather severe one.I am so sorry Sanni but these bureaucrats drive me nuts.