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Disability Placard

I feel I really need one of these! I'm still unable to work because of my crohns! I've had it for 13 months now.

Do I have to be ON disability to get this? Because they've denied me.

This Crohns is recognized as a disability right?

I truly can't park far away from places because I always need the restroom!!!!

How many of you have a placard? Did your doc sign it for you or deny you?



I would contact the CCFA and see if they can help you with this. Certainly they will have advice on how to get help with that!
Just print out the forms at your dept of transportation site and take them to your doctor. I have permanent disability plates on my truck. I've only ever used them 2-3 times, but it's like a safety net for me. I know if I'm about to crap my pants and need to get in QUICK, I can park close. Or if the arthritis is acting up and it hurts to walk (like last night-luckily, I was at home).