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Discoid eczema

Finally tracked down on the net what the itchy, coin shaped patches on my legs are and it seems they could be Crohns related. They actually started appearing two or three years ago, but as they weren't majorly serious, I didn't do anything about them.
Seems my body might have been giving me warning signs of things to come. And there are several eczema sufferers among my siblings and their kids.
They disappeared for a while and I reckon the Pred must have cleared them up. Not that I want to go back on that, oh no! Still deflating from 6 months of it.
Helen - I developed dyshidrotic eczema last year when my CD was flaring badly. It's eczema of the hands and feet, it looked so gross. It got so bad on the bottoms of my feet that I could barely walk, and I had to wear cotton gloves on my hands. They gave me topical steriod cream that did nothing. It cleared up, but I think it's coming back now, although not as bad. It can't just be the Crohn's, I'm so sick of dealing with all the other things that come along with.
Oh that sounds nasty :-( Are you off the Pred now? Mine is quite mild really, there's just more 'coins' than I've had before. Just keeping an eye on it, haven't shown it to the doc.

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My hands have been this dry for years. Now my regular doctor says that I too have eczema of the hands. But, I was just diagnosed with Crohn's in 2011 even though I was diagnosed with UC in 1996. Makes me wonder if I might have had Crohn's all along...
Hi Helen,

I have been getting this on my legs and feet mainly for some time...They drive me crazy at night when I get hot. I can't get rid of them unless I use a steroid cream. without fail it flares up when the season changes to winter.. I now sleep with moisturiser by my bed, it provides temporay releif..


Gave in and went to the docs cos the 'discs' are getting bigger and multiplying, and have also spread to my feet. He says it's ringworm and has given me Canestan to apply twice a day.
He He..

:ysmile: At least you can get rid of them now.. and hopefully if that's what they are they won't come back..
I really shouldn't do it!

Self-diagnose, I mean, but it's too hard not to go Googling! The Canestan is not shifting the patches, which have spread to my upper legs, but so far are contained there. And a new development.
A fat index finger on my right hand and fat toe on my left foot! I've had a swollen pinkie on my right hand pre Crohns which a doc here said was the start of osteoarthritis.
The sausage finger and toe are weird tho, so I'm thinking it might be Psioratic Arthritis. I'm not gonna go back to the doc, tho, just keep an eye on it. If I do go, I'll wait for an appointment with the GP who got me on the way to my Crohns diagnosis as she does a Dermatology clinic here.
There's one plaque on my foot which gets a bit sore and angry looking. But on my Google travels, several sites recommended White vinegar and it really relieves the itch and makes the patches look less scaly. Does make you smell like a chip shop, tho. :ylol:


The sausage finger and toe, are they there all they long or they are more present at certain point in the day?
I have Crohns and a few years ago my knees and elbows started to scabby. My elbows got so bad it became painful. I am on remicaid which is suppose to help with psorisis along with crohns and arthritis. My skin is clear for now but i don't know when it will return.


If it does not get better I would try to discuss and emphase the fact you have many inflammation manifestations at once (sausage toe and skin manifestations)with your doctor to make sure it is not an underlying condition. Some times GP don't associate them right away (I'm talking by experience... I had some inverted psoriasis that got considered as a potential worm infection...).

They could totally be sporadic but they could also be linked one to the other and could suggest another autoimmune problems (could be related to crohn, but it could be another one). Normally they would rule these out by doing blood tests like Elisa, anti-RNA, anti-DNA(dsDNA), anti-ANA, C3-C4, etc. I'm still confused with which discriminate what but I know they are famous when Rheumatology like manifestations are present.
Thanks, Jane. I had three Remicaid infusions - last one was at the end of October. The rash flared up about a month ago and the swollen toe and finger just suddenly popped up in the last couple of weeks.


I wonder if remicaid could trigger these reaction further in time... That would be odd, I guess that if you have not received any since october, it should not have many effect on your system anymore. It's probably not the case but it could be DILE . Just to make sure, you are not taking Remicade anymore I assume
? I'm sorry but I can't recall if you had to stop them due to reactions or something (I apologize, I get confused with who had what..=( ).
Not ringworm, but psoriasis

So the doc I saw at the hospital today ( broke my foot ) is my fave GP and the one I was going to see about my skin next week. From my feet she thought excema but on the legs it's more like psoriasis and another lovely manifestation of the Crohns. Have Betnovate and Diprobase creams to treat.