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Disease Processes that Mimic Crohn's

Even though I have the disease, its come to face the fact that there is more going on in my terminal ileum than meets the eye.

I was wondering with my fellow crohnies knew of anything that can act like Crohn's that has been misdiagnoses as Crohn's or completely just missed period.

Can you suggest anything for me?????

I was only told of C Diff infections, Diverticulitis, Ulcerative Colitis, etc.., just the basic ones that chances are, are ruled out in your terminal ileum being of focus. I think you may have to state symptoms to go with "something in the terminal ileum, that is NOT Crohns" for some possibilities.
c-diff sucks I stay away from the clinidamyacin just because of having that once.

Hmmm I guess that last one would be the big C for TUMORS......

I juts neeed some sissors and cut that darn thing out!@!!!