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Has anyone had diverticulitis and crohn's at the same time? I have had this pain on my lower left abdominal/back area that first started off as just this feeling of a pocket being there. Later on it progressed to a pain that comes and goes. Now it feels a bit tender there.

This has been ongoing since probably March of 2017. I was diagnosed with Crohn's after a colonoscopy where they found inflamation on my right side, however there was nothing on my left side.

I wonder if it was just missed during the colonoscopy. I also read that the inflammation markers for diverticulitis is similar to Crohn's and can be misdiagnosed. I also have some symptoms that point to diverticulitis like urinary problems.

In any case, I will get some imaging done soon but I just wonder if anyone else went through something similar.. or maybe have had both?
Hii.. I have diverticulie and crohns both. I had ulcer at ileum portion. My main problem is chronic constipation always. Now can't decide where should I go for treatment.. Allopathy , ayurvedic or something else. I lost 15 kg within 6 month.. And now I hav fecal impaction almost on every second day in spite of having liquid and fruit diet