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Diverticulosis diet tips

I had my third colonoscopy on Friday and they saw diverticulosis. I had no idea you could have IBD and diverticulosis!

I am wondering if anyone has tips for adding fiber to my diet that will not aggravate the Crohn’s? My GI did recommend Benefiber (which I have used before, but have been slacking lately).

I work full time so I’m trying to figure out lunches that are easy to prep and won’t have me running to the restroom all day.

Any info would be great!
Don't go crazy on the fibre, but work out which fibre is good for you and which is bad.

If you are in a good place (digestively) then adding fibre might be good, but if you are in a bad place then eating less fibre might be good,

Fermentable fibre feeds the bugs so you need to choose when to feed them and when to starve them. They may cause gas and bloating.
Fibres that are soluble (absorb water and keep stool softer) but that do not ferment are good for constipation. I do really well on chia seeds.
Adding the wrong fibre may make other things (like crohns) worse.

If you suffer from constipation then add soluable non-fermentable fibre, I do really well on chia seeds.
If everything is flowing well then it might not be a fibre issue.
So I have been trying to add some fiber to my diet...with mixed results. Some days I feel like I am going to the bathroom multiple times more than normal and other days I am on the edge of being constipated.

Benefiber seems to work well and not give me any sort of gas, but I really don't want to rely on a supplement only. My other challenge is getting my husband on board with eating healthier. Ironically I pretty much like every type of food, but have Crohns and can't tolerate everything...he doesn't have any digestive issues but is SUPER picky!