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So does anyone else experience dizziness? It's not quite like the room is spinning but it's close. I feel fine as long as I'm sitting down but the moment I stand I just don't feel steady.

I am in the middle of a flare, which includes diarrhea, and I have a new microperforation and fistula. I don't really have a lot of experience with what those two can cause. I don't feel that I'm dehydrated, I drink gatorade and water allllllll the time. I've been running a low grade temp but only in the evenings. Any thoughts?

I should add that my blood pressure and pulse are both fine. So not dizzy bc of that either


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It could be caused by a number of different things. I'd suggest calling the doctor.
If you're flaring it could still be dehydration even if you're drinking lots. You could also be anemic or deficient in something.

Hope you feel better soon.


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I agree with DJW that it could be any number of things and your best bet is to see a doctor about it. Personally, I've experienced dizziness due to multiple causes - low sodium is a common cause for me, or sometimes my sinuses get weird and mess with the pressure in my ears and that makes me dizzy. The worst was when I had inner ear inflammation (labyrinthitis) which caused horrible vertigo. You said the room isn't quite spinning, though, so it sounds like you're not quite at the vertigo stage yet (the room was spinning at about 120 mph when I had labyrinthitis!).

You mentioned that it happens when you stand, which makes me wonder if it could be POTS. I don't know much about POTS, but I do believe I've read that symptoms are better when sitting/lying down than when standing. I just googled and found this - have a look at this link and see if it sounds like you:
Thanks for the help. I called my gi and they just said go see my family dr.. I live a ways from my gi. So anyway heading in to see the dr this afternoon
So for the most part everything looked good. My labs were all a little off. My wbc was slightly elevated my crp was elevated. A few other things I don't know much about were slightly abnormal. But he said he thought it was all coming from the inflammation. Probably just malnutrition. I just finished a short round of prednisone so he put me on a higher dose. I felt ok until I came off those last time. I also took my cimzia last night so have spent most of the morning sleeping it off. I tend to get pretty tired after it when I'm flared. Hoping the two together make a difference.