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Do I have Crohn's?

I went to the ER with stomach pain 15 years ago. There was a GI there and, while the pain stopped on its own after a few hours, he wanted me to come back for a colonoscopy. So, I did. He found 30cm (12") inflammation and diagnosed me with Crohn's. Since then, I have never had the stomach pain again (nor any other pain). I have never experienced a flare up, and my only crohn's-like symptom is diarrhea after eating something oily or cream-heavy. We have been doing regular colonoscopies and CT scans every two years since initial diagnosis, and inflammation area has not changed at all. I have never been on medication for it. I have asked him if he is sure I have crohn's as I have never heard of anyone having my experience, and he states that I do, by virtue of the presence of inflammation. My symptoms have been 100% manageable for the past 15 years, by avoiding greasy good, though, in the past couple of months, my stomach has been slightly more sensitive. My question is whether anyone else has the same experience? Is it possible that I have IBS only or something else? Has anyone else had Crohn's that is very mild? Or mild for many years then changes?

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You may still have Crohn's/IBD although, it might not be active. Those of us with IBD do go months or years without any symptoms. However, there are others who don't get that pleasure. There was a time where I was able to go without any medications at all. But, one horrible flare that lasted me 2 years changed all that. There's no way I could ever go without medication again.

In your situation, I'm not sure although it's possible. The best thing I can suggest is to keep taking care of yourself like it sounds that you're already doing. Hope this helps, sending lots of hugs your way! :)
I have not been on any meds for about two years because I can not tolerate them.
I have no diarrhea but do have constipation the stomach pain still exists but is not too bad.
I still have colonoscopy every two years and recently had a capsule endoscopy to look at my small bowel, the one remaining symptom
is the fatigue you can be lucky and have mild symptoms but keep up with the tests.
I hope you stay meds free as long as you can.