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Do stoma guard belts pull off the wafer?

Hi. I had used hernia belts (specifically made for people with an ostomy) for a week, but, in my experience, they'd always pulled off the stoma wafer, it was very annoying and I stopped using them.

Nowadays, I want to buy a stoma guard belt (like stomaplex/Ostomy Armour) but I'm not sure if I will experience the same issue or not?

What's been your experience with these belts regarding this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Tony H

Well-known member
I have used the normal stoma belt and found that with me it caused leakes , do you want the stoma guard for protecting the stoma?
I have used this one
and found that without a belt attached to the wafer of my two piece it did drag down but with a belt it was ok
there are some great reviews on this site
https://www.veganostomy.ca/community/ , the site is run by Eric who is also a member on here
do you want the stoma guard for protecting the stoma?
Yes, that's the only reason why I want to use a stoma guard.

Eric says:

If I were doing contact sports, I’d likely opt for a harder stoma protector (like the Ostomy Resolutions Stoma Guard, Stoma Shield, Ostomy Armor or Freedom Guard by Stomaplex).
I'm specifically wondering about these types of stoma protectors.

I also wonder how uncomfortable they are (in daily life)?

Tony H

Well-known member
the one i linked to was ok to wear but it does stick out quite a bit but it does provide good protection