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Do the starting dose a second time?


I've been reading this forum for a while and always found good advices and infos!

My question is: if my pens were not effective for a while, should I do the starting dose again?

I wonder because I have been on Humira for almost 3 years and it worked perfectly for me. I went from severe bleeding/cramps to a normal life.

But in the last months I went on a backpacking trip for 3 months and I'm pretty sure my pens might have lost their effictiveness. I gave the shots anyways for 2 months but it didn't help and I started bleeding again. Now I lose a lot of blood daily and after a colonoscopy this week, my doctor told me the intestins are very sick so I am now on weekly injection and prednisone.

I'm pretty sure I told him about the loss of effectiveness of my pens for 2-3 months but with colonoscopy sedative, it might be in my imagination only.

I'll ask him again anyway next week but I'm very curious to have your opinion on it.

Thank you!!