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Do these symptoms sound like small bowel Crohn's? Blood?!

I'm seeing gastroentologists, and fingers crossed will have an answer soon. However, I'm freaking out due to a recent progression of symptoms. I would really appreciate getting your thoughts. I know you aren't doctors yadda yadda, I would just feel better knowing what other patients think whilst waiting for the professional reply.

Coeliac test (tTG) - normal - may have also been tested from the bloods for inflammation markers, I'm unsure of that. If I was, that was also normal.
Calprotectin - positive (398)
Colonoscopy - normal for colon. They were unable to enter the terminal ileum, even after buscopan. Colonoscopy guy suggested that small bowel could be too inflamed for entry.
Colonoscopy biopsies - "subtle changes"

Waiting on MRI results. I am concerned whether it even worked, because the fluid went in one end and out the other! Hopefully, these will find the issue.

Pre 'flare'(?) symptoms:
  • Minor diarrhoea for about a decade (am now 22), which had periods of a few years each that it was worse or better.
  • Age 16 I had my first pooping-myself issue - immodium would only give me half an hour leeway, so I didn't always reach a toilet in time the next few years.
  • Occasionally a small amount of mucus.
  • For quite some time (maybe a year or two?) almost all BMs have been non-solid.

'Flare'(?) symptoms since March 2014:
  • BMs (from mushy to basically pissing out my butt) multiple times a day, sometimes ~10 but usually 2-8. Usually occurs within an hour after eating (for this reason, I recently banned eating when outside). Contains undigested food (small bits in it, or coloured what I have eaten).
  • Several occasions of incontinence (where I've pooped myself without even realising I've pooed).
  • Stringy mucus strands within stools (in the rare occasion I have a solid stool and can see this).
  • Pure mucus (usually clear, can also be pink) in excessive quantities (can be as much as you'd expect in a bowel movement, but just mucus).
  • After eating, can be painful to walk. The pain is always on lower abdomen if it occurs but can be on either side or by the naval.
  • Fatigue. This is in general, but particularly after a BM.
  • Discomfort during BMs. Combined with fatigue, feel like hell after a BM (very rarely I get a normal poo, and the contrast where it doesn't make me feel like hell is striking).
  • May have been a coincidence, but possibly rare nausea is related.

Saturday I had a BM that ended a bit orangey. For the next few hours I was repeatedly 'pooping' out a mucus-blood mix. I know this is incredibly TMI, but I would be grateful if someone could take a look at a picture of the produce (linked here) and tell me whether it looks like the outcome of inflammation, or something else like hemorroids.

Sunday I had pain after eating - was generalised across my lower section, from one side, the naval to the other side (and extending right across). It was fine so long as I laid flat, but I couldn't walk, stand, or sit up.

Monday and Tuesday I had no symptoms and no BM's. Now (Wednesday) I have finally had a BM, and it was completely normal. Note that I do not suffer from constipation - lack of BMs and normal BMs are incredibly rare.

IBD, IBS with gas pains and hemorroids and a false-positive calprotectin test, or something else? If you were betting money, what would you expect the cause(s) to be?
Thank you anyone who reads/replies :poop:
Hopefully you'll have results soon!! So sorry your having a rough time, you have a lot going on.

Good luck!