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Do they make self cleaning toilets?

I for one have had enough of this for one life time. And it's not helping that I'm in an apt. with an old toilet that some previous tenent cleaned with steel wool or comet. EVERYthing sticks, it stays smelling for at least an hour after I'm done and to add insult to injury, my farts have more power than the fan in the bathroom :yfrown: Any ideas to make my toilet smell like, well, not like it does now. Thanks guys.


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New York, USA
That is probably the best way to go.....until then you could try a toilet cleaner bleach tablet to try to keep it cleaner.....
After a year and realizing that they couldn't get replacement parts for my 42 year old fridge I got a new one, so I'd hazard a guess they won't spring for one. I guess I could just do it on a sunday, the managers wouldn't be the wiser.
Should put one of those cubes in the toilet (I don't know what they call them in English) and put a spray can in the bathroom. Otherwise build a new toilet.
The drop in the back kind? I've tried those blue jobs, the waters pretty but after a few flushes it doesn't do the job anymore.
Yeah, it sucks. I wish my fan did. It's even worse cause my daughter has ibs, my grandson won't go to the bathroom at school so he 'saves' it for my place and they visit just about daily. I have a very busy bathroom.
We have to replace our bath because the layer has worn off (inside layer you sit on right), they can actually replace that silicone (or whatever the heck they use to make it smooth) layer to make it smooth again, but it's costly, so we are opting for a new bath. I am sure they can do the same in a toilet if that is the issue, but still, if possible I would choose a new toilet with a lot of flushing power, they are way easier to clean.


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I don't know if this exists, but you know those companies that take your old bathtub and re-glaze it so that it looks newer (I think they can even change the color of the tub)? Maybe you could get your toilet re-glazed so that it has a fresh finish and stuff doesn't stick to it? Like I said, I'm not even sure if that's an option or if it's just a bathtub thing. Might be worth checking into though, and would probably be cheaper & easier than installing a whole new toilet. You might even be able to get a glaze kit yourself and do it. Just a possibility.

And for what it's worth, I feel for you. We bought our house a few years ago and it's ugly, particularly the bathroom. The previous owners last re-decorated in 1977 and they loved pink, so my toilet is ugly 70's pink - like a salmon pink color, yuck. And it doesn't work great, clogs often and requires a lot of cleaning too. Someday we're going to remodel the bathroom (I have a LONG wish-list for that, ha ha), but until then I'm stuck with a hideous old icky toilet too.
I had a robins egg blue one years ago, but at least it cleaned up nice. Re glazing is as or more than a new toilet so I guess I'll have to spend some cash and break out my handy woman skills!