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Do you filter your water in a manner that removes the minerals?

Do you drink water low in minerals?

  • Yes, I filter out minerals or buy water that is low in minerals

    Votes: 18 40.9%
  • Nope, my water is nice and crunchy.

    Votes: 24 54.5%
  • Ummm, dunno.

    Votes: 2 4.5%

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I'm curious what percentage of you filter your water in a manner that removes most if not all of the minerals or purchase water that is low in minerals. Examples are reverse osmosis water, water softening systems, distilled water, and bottled water that undergoes any process that removes minerals.

I ask because there may be serious consequences to your health. Such systems remove a variety of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These are minerals that people with IBD are often deficient in anyway. Please give the linked thread a read if the subject interests you.


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The filter on my fridge claims that it doesn't filter out minerals so I chose the crunchy option.
If you're really in Djibouti, there may be a chance your water comes from a desalinization plant. If it does, unless they add the minerals back (some do) then your water may be devoid of them.


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That depends if you send it through any processing systems. I'm on well water but my water goes into a holding tank then through a water softening system and then through a reverse osmosis system. Basically my drinking water is terrible and I'm frustrated to find out what I've been doing to my wife and I. :(

If you don't have a water softening system or a filtration system like reverse osmosis, then you're likely doing good. Of course, I'm sure the mineral makeup of well water varies from locale to locale.
I have to filter as our water here is that CRUNCHY it wrecks all our appliances, taps, shower heads. I was worried about removing the minerals especially for my children. They gave us a separate tap where it is part filtered.
Crazy thing is where I used to live (30 miles south of here) water was perfect.
I filter mine out because the tap water tastes pretty poor. I used to have well water when I lived in the country, and it was amazing. Sort of wrecked me for city living though.


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What would it be if it was tap water, but the water supply was well water?
Mineral content of the well water would likely be different in different places. It can be tested but I am not sure the cost. I think it would depend on what you were looking for - minerals such as calcium and magnesium (this would probably be a common test as this is why some wells have to have a water softener). They can also check for items such as arsenic and uranium and hydrocarbons (petroleum contamination).
I drink evian water( we have a place here that sells it really cheap). I prefer it to the other bottled waters due to the fact that it has a 7.4 ph which is ideal. A lot of the other bottled waters are very acidic. Also the way it is filtered is natural. It filters naturally through the french alps and it retains all the minerals. It can be pretty expensive though, the only reason I am able to get it is because there is a store over here that sells it pretty cheap. It was the only water that does not bother my bladder( I have IC and my bladder gets irritated if I drink anything with to much of a acidic content.)


I use both tap and distilled. Tap tastes awful but I use it for cooking and in tea. I use distilled when drinking plain water. Tap water everywhere I lived tastes awful and I still think tap water could have been related to the onset of my sister and I being diagnosed with Crohn's in the same year as there was a lot of construction going on at that time with the pipes in my area with a lot of rust and brown (and foul smelling) colored water. We didn't drink it like that but whatever we couldn't see when it ran clear finally we could have drank and gotten sick that way (or sometimes we'd have to shower in the rust colored water or our mom would boil it before use). Also can't just drink the tap water when going to another country.

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I was wondering if we could add another option as many people most likely do both on an average basis (I can't be the only one). Unless you think voting in both would be best DustyKat.


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I have drank about every kind of water over the years. About half has been unsoftened, unfiltered city water. The other half has been straight well water or well water with a softener.

Currently unsoftened, unfiltered, well water.

I drink bottled water, seems to me I was told or read someplace not to drink tap water?

Does anyone know if thats true?

It depends on the water quality where you live. Fortunately, we have some of the best ground water in the country.

I,m in Scotland,the tap water is just as pure as bottled as Danone found out when it got out the bag that they were filling there bottles from the mains supply.