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Do you go ahead of the line to crap NOW??

I always wondered what would I do in these situations and what do you do?

1) When your in a long line in the bathroom and you have to go anyway do you just run ahead of everyone? I will if I have to!!!! Haven't yet though.

2) What do you do when your driving and a few miles are houses ONLY and no places to use a restroom? WHAT DO YOU DO?

3) How do you take drives in the country to your friend's house if there are NO BATHROOMS along the way? .....don't say diapers I won't wear those!

4) What do you do if your ringing up your groceries at the self checkout line or at the register where a person is ringing your groceries up and you need to poo? Do you go and run right back? WHAT DO YOU DO?

5) If Walmart or one of those places BLOCK the restroom cuz they're cleaning it! Do you use the opposite sex's bathroom? Technically you go to jail for indecent exposure if you do that so WHAT DO YOU DO? Break the barrier down and go poo?


I have one of those cards from the CCFA that says 'I cant wait'. And that solved plenty of problems for busy bathrooms and blocked bathrooms.

As for not having places to poo. I have poo'd in all sorts of places I'm ashamed to admit. Now that I have Stan, I no longer have to worry. But before Stan, I just had to stop being embarrassed. Oh, and I love internet shopping! Grocery delivery is the best! I got to the point where I could no longer go to shops at all.

Sorry for what you are going through. I hope you can get something to control the diarrea more.
1) I would if I had to.
2) and 3) maybe a potty and a blanket in the back seat- you can get a 'potette' that has a disposable liner/bag thing. My car has enough room to allow me to sit on a potty, the blanket is for modesty.
4) if you gotta go, you gotta go. Though in my case, standing stock still and clenching with all my might usually buys me a couple of minutes- enough time to explain at least.
5) I believe in that situation they have to let you use the disabled or family bathroom. Otherwise yes, I would just 'break in'.


What's indecent about that? Unless you're stripping down naked in the middle of the room than you would never get in trouble for that.

I personally don't know if I'd ever be able to cut in front of people waiting for a bathroom. Were all there for the same reason and I don't know if any of them have the same problem as myself so I wouldn't find it fair to make them wait even longer. That's just me though. I can't say I've ever seen a line up for the bathrooms at Walmart. Its not exactly an amusement park with thousands of people lol

Also, if your bowel problems are that serious maybe it would be better to have your friends come visit you instead. That could avoid a lot of problems along the trip


I am in the US but if it's a single person bathroom I treat it as gender neutral even if it has a sign. Nobody else is in there so what are they gonna do slap my wrist for using the one of the other sex?
I have used single use womens restrooms many times. If the door what difference does it make. If the meds room is in use and the womens room is not, why do I have to wait?