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Do you need a hug ?

Crohn's Mom

Get your hug here ! We care for you all !​
Ok, so I've noticed lately that our dear Parents section seems to be flooded with children that are in a flare, having tests, etc.
Some seem severe, some less.
Regardless, all of our children are suffering at one time or another and it hurts our hearts to stand back and realize sometimes all we can give them is a hug.

But, I realize that sometimes we feel so alone IRL and it seems there's no one close by at just the time we need it, to give US, the care takers that much needed hug.

So, I thought I'd start this thread just for that.

Come on in here and go ahead and make it about YOU, the caretaker. I say caretaker, and not "Parent" because I feel like every caretaker is welcome..husband, wife, friend, cousin,..anyone that needs a hug...even the Patient ! We don't discriminate here !
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Crohn's Mom

Ill start,

I could use a hug because I spent all day catering to my sweet girl ~ driving her, entertaining her, taking her out to eat after her test, etc.

And tomorrow I get the privilege of doing the same for my sweet son.

I am exhausted quite frankly !


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I'm not a parent but I need a hug. D: Why? Too many reasons. I'm Crabby, that's why. :p
I need a hug because this has been a rough week! But so happy my test results came back good. I am still super anxious though. I can't seem to relax. Also had news this week that my daughter's charter school is not adding a seventh grade next year so now I have to find a new school for her, a new school for my daughter going into kindergarten next year and decide if my third grader should stay at his school. Caitlyn and my oldest son are doing the Home School High school program which is good except Caitlyn is a little lonely since we just moved here and she has not really met people being home schooled.

Crohn's Mom

Goodness Kim ~ I don't know how you do it !
I'm glad your test results were good tho!

Crabby we like you "crabby" :rof:
OK I need and wants hugs.

I want to give a hug to......
:heart: Tesscorm and Sascot:heart: because of all the extra "stuff" going on in there lives.:kiss:

I want a hug......
because the better Grace seems at the time the harder it is to want to put her through all the testing. :wink:See why mental breakdowns come easy to me.
Oh T!!! This thread makes me cry and I am not sure why ....

(actually I know, but hate to admit I could use a hug too ... Danny continues to do so much better this year than the previous 2, AND he is going to school full time ... but he is still pale, has constant ab pain and D, and has been taking naps after school lately ... AND i just started taking my mother to chemo for ovarian cancer AND my house flooded in hurricane Sandy so we are living in a motel for now. I feel like my brain has an egg beater in it. )
WOW Jeanne,
I'm so sorry to hear all that.
Will you be able to get back in the house or do you need to rebuild?
Hugs coming your way.
PM me anytime if you need to talk!
Crohnsmom i :heart: you!
While a voice inside of me says to hush up and just be thankful as she is healthy, I need a hug because I coordinate all of Izz's care. Refilling her meds, including the specialty pharma one that I have to drive 40 minutes for, driving her 40 minutes to get her labs drawn, staying on top of her results to be sure she isn't heading downhill. I also have to make sure schoolwork is taken care of and coordinate with her teachers. Some days I wish her father was less clueless. and that I wasn't a single mom.

Crohn's Mom

Ang I feel like a single mom most days - well, when it comes to doctors, school, shopping, pharmacies, cooking, and cleaning anyhow lol :p
I can relate momma ! :hug:
HUGS to all you great gals :heart:

I too am a (widowed) single mother and do it allll myself. No relatives to help.

I'm seeing an excellent fellow but now am so obsessed with V he shall have to head to the back burner.
My 13 y/o is largely ignored now.
Cannot do much other than obsess.

I just cannot handle that this kid has to be on dangerous drugs FOREVER. And that they likely shall stop working after X amount of time.
What then??

Debbie Downer has spoken :shifty:
I am also a single mom, and both my parents have passed. Its just the kids and I. I don't have a lot of support at all. I don't lean on my kids (11,18,22,23) because I don't think its fair to them. None of my friends or family have any experience with what we are going through and just can't seem to understand that Devynn's IBD is not just a tummy bug *eyeroll* People hear IBD and what they actually hear is IBS and wonder why she's feeling awful so much, why she is in pain etc. Another thing I hear is "She LOOKS healthy". Yes, she does look healthy but she's not. I would give anything for her to be healthy. I am Mom, Dad, nurse, driver, cook.. you get it lol I am also the one who she takes her frustration, fear and anger out on. Its hard, but I know its because she knows I am there for her and would never turn my back in a million years. I just wish there was some miracle cure, so none of our babies ever had to hurt again. ((((hugs)))) to everyone else who is on this board, and the mom's, dads, grandparents, etc who haven't found us yet.:hug:


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Ang, Tracy - same here... feel like a single mom when it comes to doctors, school, shopping, pharmacies, etc. I often feel that others (husband included) don't understand how much goes into coordinating just the medical side of it - GI apptmts, GP apptmts, tests, follow up calls, research, etc. It's not only time consuming but it just constantly feels like a 'mental weight' on you...

Jeanne - I am sooo very sorry you are dealing with so much!!! I hope Danny feels better soon and that your mom can finish up her treatments quickly and successfully! :ghug: AND, that you are soon able to get home! :ghug: :ghug:

Farmwife - :heart: Thanks for thinking of me!!! :kiss:
OK i have to admit it ......i need a hug too

Why?.... i feel like a single mum too....i have a husband who was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor (it was the size of a small orange) 4 years ago. After the first operation he ended up with MRSA and meningitis....spent 6 months in hospital.....hes lucky to be alive... At the time we were told this tumor won't grow back for 20 years....well it grew back before he was released from hospital....he has since had 3 more operations and after the last they decided to try radiation.. he had an MRI last week we'll find out the results on tuesday .

As a result of all the operations he has suffered from some brain damage which leaves him constantly dizzy, balance problems and not being able to do much......and depression

Then my daughter got sick and life got even harder...

So its up to me to do absolutely everything.....i had no choice but to leave work

I try to think positive...but most of the time its hard.....:(
Feel like I need a hug tonight, although reading through some of these posts does make me feel the need to send out lots of hugs too! We all seem to be dealing with so much and at the same time are trying so hard to be positive for our kiddies. Here's to the little things, the hugs and the "thanks mom"s that make it all worthwhile!


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Oh my, I don't need hugs at present guys so I would like to bundle all mine up and send them across the way to you all. :ghug::ghug::ghug:

I know that in the wee small hours you all question yourselves and the job you are doing for your precious children but let me tell you...you are all doing so wonderfully well. I truly mean that with all my heart. :heart: You are blessed to have your children but they are equally blessed to have you.

Sending loads of warm squishy hugs to you all. :hug:

Dusty. xxx


I need a hug after spending all day at the hospital today. No not my job and thankfully no, not Claire.

In an ironic twist of fate, my brother had a bowel resection today. We are both adopted/no biological relation. Anyway, he's 38 and has had four severe bouts of diverticulitis this year alone. The most recent could not be completely cleared by antibiotics. He's lost 25 lbs in the last 3 1/2 weeks.

As I sat in the lobby, I thought of all of my forum friends who have sat in waiting areas for bowel surgery on babies MUCH younger than 38. Sigh......

Hell, T, we ALL need a hug. Great thread!!



PS His surgery went well.

Crohn's Mom

I'm about to go out Christmas shopping with the hubby and hoping to still be able to afford my mortgage when I get home - serious hug needed ! LOL
I am loving shopping for the kids this year...will hate myself when the bills come lol! Good luck and happy shopping mama!
This thread is so awesome! It is nice to hear we are not alone. We all cope with so much. I guess we are one strong bunch! Thank g-d for you all I know I couldn't of made it through the rough times without you guys! I am sending hugs to everyone!
I need a hug and not because of Jack. My younger son was supposed to go to a friends after school yesterday but didn't because the friend had too much homework to do, so of course the mother calls me to say he didn't come over, well he didn't come home either. He went to another friends who we are not familiar with and we could not find him for an hour and a half, left his cell phone in his back pack in the friends garage. I called every minute for the hour and a half and was sobbing out of control by the time he called and had the 91 dialed of 911. Still want to start crying just thinking about it and what could have happened to him. :ymad:
He will be having a very quiet couple of weeks and Jack is pretty much chore free for the next 2 weeks since James will have lots of time on his hands to do extra chores.
Just glad he is safe and all I want to do is hug him after I finish strangling him
OMG jmrogers, not answering their phones is an "automatic whipping" as my countrified pal used to say.
V has done that and I tracked her down in person and needless to say...hasn't happened since. :eek:

Crohn's Mom

OH my goodness ~ how flipping scary is that ! :(
And ya, I get the feeling of wanting to strangle him after you make sure he's fine and hug him! Damn kids ! LOL

I came home from work yesterday and JJ was no where to be found.
I go in the kitchen and the mixer is filled with the beginnings of cookie dough.
I'm screaming through the house ~ JJ where are you ?!?!?!?!
I called him phone and he answers and he's like, Oh hi mom !
I said where in god's name are you??
...Oh, sorry...we're at the store ~ I needed more eggs for the Christmas cookies !
I had no idea who to strangle first..my husband or JJ ! LOL
I didn't have a clue that my husband had been home from work so early, and I was freaking out and crying within 2 mins ~ I couldn't imagine a whole hour and a half! ugh!
My kids always have their phones on them... but always on silent and of course they never see that MUM is calling but if their friends call its a different story.
Omg jaqui
I would have called 911 after five minutes! Thank goodness he is fine and I certainly agree with ou in the hugging/ wanting to strangle!
Anyway all,
I have had a rough day! I am asking for everyone to keep my third daughter in their prayers! She has a genetic disorder and has been having some symptoms that could be serious. She had an MRI today and now we have to wait 48 hour to hear the results. We are praying for a negative MRI!
Hugs to you.:ghug:
We lost my twin for two hours.
I looked in our room than we spread out over our city block and beyond.
My mom was a mess. I still remember the fear of not knowing.
(BTW- She was sleeping in her bed under the covers the whole time. My bad):yfaint:
Urgently needing a hug today! Why is it that some people just breeze through life with no seeming bumps in the road? My bumps are to numerous! I need some smooth sailing. This has been such a rough week and now Sophia and I are sick.
Did not hear today about my other daughter's MRI. I know they told me 48 hrs but everyone was telling me if it was something bad they probably would have called today. So I am praying hard that no news today means good news tomorrow!

Crohn's Mom

:beerchug: Cheers to NO news is good news ! :beerchug:

Hang in there momma ~ and I hope you all feel better quickly !
O Kim, I hope you get your smooth sailing soon and you are both feeling better. Praying that no news is good news for you


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Kim, keeping you and Sophia in my prayers! I hope you get good results very soon to put you at ease!! :ghug:
Kim...I am so sorry to hear all that you are going through...(((HUGS))) and hoping for some positive MRI results and that you and dd are feeling better quickly!
Jacqui...you MUST have been TERRIFIED!!! I did this as a teen and had NO idea what I was doing to my parents when they couldn't find me...am hoping I don't get payback :(
Just wanted to keep everyone posted am still awaiting those MRI results. I called three times already and just found out the nurse practitioner who is supposed to give them to us is not in today. I asked if someone else could do it. The secretary said she would get someone on it. (I explained I am freaking out). Also put a call into the regular pediatrician to see if maybe she can get the results.
On phone with nurse practitioner MRI is completely normal!!!!
Thank G-d, thank you everyone for your prayers and hugs! I know they worked!
Oh what great news!!!! I'm am so glad to hear it! I'm glad you were able to get in touch with someone before the weekend too!!!
SO GLAD to hear some good news!!!!! Fabulous that they were able to get your results to you before the weekend...maybe you'll be able to enjoy it a bit! <3
Jacqui...you MUST have been TERRIFIED!!! I did this as a teen and had NO idea what I was doing to my parents when they couldn't find me...am hoping I don't get payback :(
I know I kept thinking did I ever do this, do I need to call my mother and apologize, on the side note the house has never been this clean during the week, love coming home to a spotless house and he has been a great mood for the last 2 days, either buttering us up or he knows he can't play any videos or do anything so there is none of him getting upset because he can't play.

Kim, So glad the MRI came back normal what great news.

And I want to give huge hugs to all the parents, children and everyone involved in the horrible school shooting in Connecticut. It just breaks my heart that anyone could do something so awful. Prayers for them all.
I think a hug for all those affected by the mass shooting at a school in the USA need prayers and thoughts sent there way.
27 dead and 18 of those were precious children.
Thank you all! This will be a much better weekend now. You guys are Absolutly right about sending a hug to those in Connecticut. How terrible that is to send your child to school like any other day and then such a thing happens!
It was an MRI of the brain not an MRE for my other daughter who has a genetic disorder.
Sending hugs and love to all wishing a peaceful weekend!
Sorry Kim ....:ghug:...i automatically thought it was an MRE i didn't go back and read your previous post...i think i've been reading way too much..:yrolleyes:

Crohn's Mom

Just stopping by to give giant hugs to the lives lost in CT today ~ My heart is heavy at the thought of so many children gone ( for no reason ! )


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Sending hugs to the parent's and other members we have here on the forum that reside in Connecticut. :ghug:

As I sit here 10,000 miles away watching the images on TV I feel so shocked and saddened. How must it be for those of you that know Newtown, live near Newtown and/or have young children of the ages of those lost. My heart breaks for you and for those that are directly affected by this awful tragedy.

Thinking of you all, :heart:
Dusty. xxx
Hugs to everyone!!!

Just feel completely dumbfounded about the shootings in CT today. I seriously can't comprehend what is going on these days. There is an absence of something that needs to be rekindled or we are going to self-destruct.

Hug the kiddos for me!
sending hugs to everyone and kimmi to hwve one poorly child and another with a diff illness i take my hat of to you . sending love and hugs to all your family.xx
Ps. This whole Connecticut thing has so gotten to me I just keep going and hugging my children. I feel so sad for those families. No family should ever have to experience such a thing. All we can do is hug our babies and pray that this never happens again!!!!

Crohn's Mom

Sending out some Christmas hugs to my online family!

Happy Holidays to everyone !
I hope you all have a very blessed day :)

Crohn's Mom

I thought I'd revive this thread...

I want to apologize to you all for not being around much lately.
I have not forgotten anyone here, and I am usually reading many of the updates quite frequently.
There has been some significant traumatic experiences happen , and sometimes I just can't bring myself to write any responses.
Sometimes I can't even speak.
Please know that I am here in the back ground, wishing the best and supporting each and every one of you.

I could sure use a huge hug tho ...:cry:


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Always thinking of you and how Gaby is doing!!! :ghug: :ghug:

I hope all resolves soon for you!

Know that there are always lots of hugs for you here! :hug:
Super Big Hug T! We are here anytime you need us! Sometimes we are the ones to give support and sometimes we are the ones who need it. :hug:
As soon as I started reading the beginning of this thread and what it is for I had to put my head in my hands and cry... The stark realization that I needed a hug too hit me :(

I am also a single Mom. I am extremely blessed in that I have my sister, Mum and stepDad who are MAJOR contributors to helping me keep my sanity and helping out with my boys.

The last couple of years have been rough (I went through a divorce, my ex was not a nice person, there were threats, stalking, etc. that led to protective orders, and 2 occassions where the boys and I were removed from our residence to an undisclosed location for our own safety - all while going through Alex' diagnoses) but we have all managed somehow to keep keep moving forward.

THEN - 2 weeks ago my soon to be 4 year old son (who is on the Autism Spectrum PDD-NOS) took a bad fall while playing outside with some kids and we ended up at the doctor's office getting xrays. Sitting there I crossed my arms and said a prayer that it wouldn't be broken (all I could think was this little guy will FREAK out if they put a cast on his arm!!). When the xrays came out instead of showing a break it showed a mass in his right upper humorous bone - :yfaint:

We have spent the last 2 weeks back and forth at Children's Hospital running tests. The news came back on Monday - benign! My Mum and sister (and other sons) were all in the room with me and while they were all excited I just stared at the doctor and asked, "Are you sure?" He said yes.

I didn't jump up and down, cry or show any kind of emotion - and all I could think is "Have I lost the ability to feel anything other than worry?!" That night I climbed into bed and sobbed...

It is interesting I am quick to ask friends and family to pray for me and the boys, but asking for a hug has never crossed my mind. I LOVE the idea of this thread - and even though I know it is only a virtual hug - knowing that someone is taking the moment to think about ME - is overwhelming - hence the tears...

Thank you...
I didn't jump up and down, cry or show any kind of emotion - and all I could think is "Have I lost the ability to feel anything other than worry?!" That night I climbed into bed and sobbed...

Yes I quite often feel that all emotion has been sucked out of me.
I'm so glad the mass was non-cancerous. Your doing an amazing job.


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Wow, Shell, I'm so sorry for all you've been through! We sometimes go through periods where we just don't know how we'll get through it! But, you have!! :ghug: I hope you can take a moment to just relax and be proud of what a strong person you are and what a great job you're doing for your boys!

Lots and lots of hugs!!! :ghug: :ghug: :ghug:


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Wow Shell! Hugs and tears of relief for you! Could have never been able to tell all you were going through by your posts. You are incredibly strong. Totally know the feeling you are talking about. Had it when my daughter's inoperable brain tumor could no longer be found on an MRI and her death sentence had been lifted. LOL actually took me three years to really believe it!

my little penguin

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:ghug: Shell-

It is understandable - you were in survival mode- we all go there- no time for emotions until later when we are alone.

So glad it was benign

Crohn's Mom

Awe Shell , your post truly touched my heart ~ and this is exactly why I started this thread.
Yes, it's a 'virtual' hug ~ but seeing as how we're all somewhat kindred spirits here, with a common goal, it some how feels real.

You are such a strong momma, and quite an inspiration!
I can relate to your pain, and went through a very similar divorce as you (nearly 18 years ago). It's a lot to deal with.
I wish I could wrap my arms around you myself and let you know that I truly get it, but since I can't, please feel my virtual and meaningful hug just for you today !


To save time...Ask Dusty!
(((Shell))) What a relief "benign" must have been!!! Did the docs explain the mass? Does it require any treatment?
Just happened upon this thread (I'm the Crohn's person in our family!)
But as mum to 3, now young adult, kids, I certainly remember the challenges of daily parenting (even without having a chronic disease in the mix!!)
So just wanted to send the WARMEST hug to you all!! Love and support :)
Hey Mark...

Our doctor (Orthopedic Oncologist) and the radiologist did not agree on exactly what it is, but they agreed it was benign. The radiologist thought it appeared to be a cyst (which is fluid filled), where as the doctor said it looked more like fibrous dysplasia - which is fibrous bone tissue. Come to find out the reason why it was hurting so much is the bone is fractured from the fall - but the fracture wasn't visible on the xray due to fact that it is right where the mass is located.

Next step is we go back in 6 weeks for more xrays. Pending on how the bone heals I believe will influence next steps. We saw several radiologists between xrays, bone scans, cat scans, etc... and most of them mentioned bone grafts - however the doctor said that he is a growing boy and he wouldn't jump on that unless it was obvious the bone won't heal on its own.

Even though there seems to be some disagreements on the approach, when I researched the doctor we got he is listed in the top 1% of doctors in his field and is "the" guy in our Metropolitan area - soooo... for now I'm trusting in him. (I praying to Him... smile)...

Thanks for asking - and thank you for all the hugs! I know a good cry is like refilling the gas tank... and all these hugs have definitely helped fill me up! :D



Holding It Together
T and Shell - this is for both of you: <<<HUG>>>. I can't imagine the burden on top of a child with IBD! You aren't alone.


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Man oh man oh man T and Shell...

...I am so late to this but want to send you both loads of love and squishy hugs from across the pond. :wub:

I don't think you will find a better place for love and support than here. It is like being enveloped in a favourite comfy chair and in the presence of a dear and loved friend. You laugh together, you cry together, you celebrate together and you mourn together You know each others thoughts and understand each other. You can sit for hours in silence and it is never awkward and you can be apart for long stretches of time but when you are reunited you pick up where you left off. Most importantly of all you are not judged but accepted for who you are.

That is what I love, appreciate and respect about our forum. :rosette2:

Thanks guys. :heart:
I don't think you will find a better place for love and support than here. It is like being enveloped in a favourite comfy chair and in the presence of a dear and loved friend. You laugh together, you cry together, you celebrate together and you mourn together You know each others thoughts and understand each other. You can sit for hours in silence and it is never awkward and you can be apart for long stretches of time but when you are reunited you pick up where you left off. Most importantly of all you are not judged but accepted for who you are.
That should be our motto!

Thank you!


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Here you go Steven, <<<<HUG>>>>. You are welcome to come back for more!

PS. Sorry my hugs aren't as fancy as Dustykats!


Here you go Steven, <<<<HUG>>>>. You are welcome to come back for more!

PS. Sorry my hugs aren't as fancy as Dustykats!
Tears :*) Thank you so much! I feel so much better. It has been a while since I made myself vulnerable and ask for a hug. But it feels so good =) I will most definitely come back for more hugs to go. lol Thank you!
Hi all,
I am sorry haven't been around as much lately. A lot of stuff has been going on but I could use a hug as well. We had a terrible tragedy hit our community. Last Sunday evening a 12 year old girl was crossing the street to go home and she was hit and killed by a car. I like every other parent out there am freaking out about this. It is so scarey! Our lives are so fragile and can change in an instant. I guess we just have to count our blessings and be grateful for every day we are on this planet and hug your babies close! I pray for good things for all of us, our families, and our children!