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Do you take more than humira?

I am starting Humira soon, while I was on Remicade I also took Methotrexate.

Is there any thing you take to enhance your Humira?


I take Humira weekly with Imuran daily along with Entocort the past year I had a very bad flare.
I am now SLOWLY weening off Entocort but will remain on Humira weekly and imuran daily.

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For me, my doctor said 6mp pills for 3 months WITH the Humira. And Humira every two weeks ( Humira Pen injections.) I see the FNP at my GI's office September 20th to find out if they will continue the 6mp pills. I have actually been on 6mp for 4 months now and Humira 3 months. Thank God I never had the prednisone 😮. Hope you feel better soon. 🦋 ( Oh, I take two 6mp pills a day.)
I am on way more meds than I would like!

I have spent almost 75 days in the hospital this past summer on and off. Not to mention the many ER visits I have had.

My Dr does not like it I don't respond well to the first thing he tries. We all know we are not all alike!

I need a new Dr, one I can trust. My last hospital stay came after trying to get a call back fro my Dr for three weeks, finally got a hold of he office mgr- she had the PA call me. She told
me "they both thought" I was having IBS. Two days later ended up in the hospital, nope no IBS with grade 4 erosive ulcerations all around my esophagus.

I was on Pentasa with Humira for a while, but one of my doctors told me to stop the Pentasa, which I did. I can't tell the Pentasa was really doing anything. Humira helps a lot, but I'm still not in 100% remission.

I also take a B12 shot every two weeks.
I am about to start Humira in 2 days time. I currently take Lialda x 4 per day. My GI wants me to continue these and then half that dose.
Anyone else on Lialda with Humira ?
Hi tots my 13 year old daughter is on fortnightly Humira injections and nothing else. She had a course of steroids on diagnosis and then started on Azathioprine but had a reaction to it so the consultant took her off that. She was meant to be on Azathioprine as well as Humira injections but is just on the Humira now and has been for 14 months. She more or less went straight into remission and has been really well ever since.