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Do you think garlic/onion powder in moderation is okay?

One of the hardest foods to give up after being diagnosed with crohn's disease is garlic and onion because I make alot of dishes with those key ingredients.They cause me to flare up badly so I stay away from fresh garlic and onion. My question is though do you think that garlic/onion powder is just as dangerous?
Do not forget: onion and garlic are one of the strongest prebiotics. Do not avoid it if you can tolerate it. I have read a lot of studies that fructans(in onions/garlic) can prolong remission time in crohn patients.


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New York, USA
I try to avoid fresh onion as I get very gassy within minutes of eating it. Cooked onions don't cause that for some reason.....garlic I don't usually eat raw but I do use it in cooking and love roasted garlic.

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We have tried different varieties for my kiddo
We started with
Leeks are milder
Spring onions )scallions and later moved to
Sweet onions
Again all are cooked well not raw

He does not eat raw vegetables ever they just cause a flare

I have used garlic powder and onion powder in cooking for years without issues for my kiddo