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Do you think I have UC

I started having symptoms when I was 12 (I am currently 18). I would have a lot of bleeding diarreha that would turn the toliet bowl red, I had horrible pain every night after dinner, and would have cold sweats. I quite foolishly did not tell anyone about my symptoms that continued pretty much every day, with a few months without symptoms. When I was 15 I told my boyfriend something was going on and he made me go to the doctor, but my symptoms had stopped by this point and she said only to come back if symptoms reoccurred. They did about 6 months later and again I did not say anything (hoping it would just go away, I know this is not good). However not as severe besides one week that I couldn't eat anything without horrible pain and passing just blood and mucous.
My symptoms have been occurring on and off recently, and I am getting a colonoscopy next week after my boyfriend convinced me to go back to the doctor. My symptoms recently have been urgency, mild cramping normally on the left side but sometimes everywhere under my belly botton, going 2-4 times a day followed by 2-4 days of constipation, feeling like I need to go more despite having BM, feeling like I need to go but inability to do so, gasiness, bloating, passing large pieces of bloody mucous, stool with stripes of blood, stool with stripes of mucous, stool with ridges, stool completely covered with blood (not as frequently), bloody diarreha (not often but every once in awhile). I am aware that I haven't been very smart about the situation in waiting so long, I guess I was just scared. Like I said I have a colonoscopy next week, but do you think it's UC?

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It's sure possible that it could be IBD. Especially if you're turning the toilet bowl red with blood. Good luck with your colonoscopy and please keep us updated.
I think it is totally understandable in situations like this when you're worried, you don't want to go to the doctors, but, it is a step in the right direction towards getting treatment whatever your issue is.

I had some of your symptoms, always losing blood, mucus, bloody BM's, high urgency to go and going frequently. I had a colonoscopy and this identified inflammation in my rectum, some time after this I got pentasa suppositories, and after about 3 days my symptoms had stopped. I've still got a week or so left of this medication, I had one day where I lost mucus, but other than that it's working well for me (obviously everyone is different but I hope some of that info is useful - I still haven't had a formal diagnosis)
Let us know how the colonoscopy goes, hopefully this will lead you to some effective treatment and relief of your symptoms.
The coming and going of symptoms seem odd, would have thought it would be ongoing and would get worse and worse if it was IBD.
I am going through a similar situation at the moment. Started in October last year, couple of weeks of tummy cramps, diarrhoea/some bloody diarrhoea followed by a month of being well then symptoms reoccurring just not as much blood. That was all over Christmas and now I am left with just weird aching upper tummy pains. Let us know the results, we are in similar situations x