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Doc: Stress can trigger flare-up article...


well well well... I am not posting this b/c I believe there is a men vs. women competition... I believe we are all along a continuum - some with more severe symptoms and complications than others... etc...

I am posting this b/c I am tired of hearing that with crohns you dont get constipated... that oh... its not crohns..it is endometriosis....

anyhow... maybe someone might find it as reassuring as I did.

i just watched the video and i would have to agree with the doc

i just watched the video and i would have to agree with the doc i am under alot of stress and it is makeing the pain the diarrhea worse i am also throwing up to i guess its making me feel worse the stress i am under
Oh my God! Of course you can get constipated with Crohns! I use to only get the big D for years, but now with all the scar tissue built up in my intestines, I am constantly dealing with the opposite problem! In my opinion, nothing is worse than the urgency to go to the bathroom that we sometimes get with Crohns…or at least that is what I thought before I had a block! Good golly people. When will Drs understand that we all have different symptoms with this rotten disease?

I’ll have to watch the video when I get home because I am at work right now, but I’m sure it will be heartening. :) I know for a fact that stress is my number one enemy with this disease.