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Doctor diagnosed Crohn's patient as 'homosexual'


"It was two years ago to the day that I had an appointment with a new doctor for a routine physical. The doctor was randomly assigned by my insurance company in Southern California.

The routine physical was just that, routine. Typical questions were asked and notes were taken by the doctor. I left her office, proceeded to the lab for blood work, and was on my way.

Several days later I received a phone call from the doctor's office informing me that the doctor would like me to come in to review abnormal results from my physical. I was naturally concerned and immediately made an appointment for the next week.

When the doctor came into the room, she informed me that I was B-12 deficient and that she recommended monthly shots and daily supplements. Phew, I could handle that! But it was not until later, after being given a copy of the doctor's diagnoses, that I was shocked. My doctor had diagnosed my sexuality as a chronic condition, or disease. There it was. Right on my medical record. In the same section as Crohn's disease: “Homosexual Behavior Code 302.0.”
I couldn’t believe this was happening. In Southern California. In 2013.

As a gay man, I have no issue with my sexuality being referenced by my doctor in my social history. But seeing it listed on my medical record as a chronic condition or disease is wrong.

Some time passed as I attempted to wrap my head around this hurtful, harmful entry that stated my sexuality was a disease. I then made an appointment with the doctor for the sole purpose of discussing this “diagnosis.” She defended her actions, and even after my pleas to have my medical record corrected, the diagnosis remained there — this time it was labeled a chronic problem. Because of this, I have sued the doctor and the medical center.

All of this is happening at a time of attempts to write discrimination against gay people into law in my home state of Indiana as well as Arkansas and several other states. Refusing to cater or provide flowers for a wedding is bad enough, but when it goes beyond that, it becomes downright dangerous. Can a doctor lean on a religious freedom law and refuse health care to a gay patient? Can a doctor impose her religious views on a patient and diagnose homosexuality as a disease? For as damaging as this was to me, I continue to think about what this means for a teenager who is only starting to come to terms with the idea he or she might be gay. Or worse, that it would out the youth to his or her parents.
Studies have shown that the suicide attempt rate is higher among LGBT teens than their straight peers. A doctor telling a gay patient of any age that his or her sexuality is a disease? The results could be tragic."

same happened to me in 1994, when i was diagnosed.
the doctor threw his hands in the air and said (i will never forget it)
'your son is either a drug addict, has mental problems or is gay'.

Brisbane, Australia.

My dad was clever enough to tell the GP to get knicked.
We went to a gastro the next day and I was diagnosed very quickly once we got to the gastro. I was 18.


What a horrible thing happy, I can't believe people go through this crazy stuff!

I don't understand how a Dr can think IBD is related to any of those things you mention. It's a disease with diagnostic criteria. Honestly, sometimes you gotta wonder who gave these guys medical degrees!
This is crazy! I know for a fact that being gay is no longer in the DSM. I saw similar when I worked as a nurse. I remember one physician wrote in a patient record, "No need for birth control -- the patient is a lesbian." Literally.

You can ask to have the diagnosis removed. I don't think your sexuality should be posted out there for anyone who opens your chart. It is private, no? And not relevant to absolutely anything medical in 2015. Just a little backwards thinking....you know I'm from Missouri and we always get the bad reputation for being in flyover country. Unfortunately, this kind of simplemindedness (and I am being kind here) is everywhere.


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In 2007 my first GI had a private phone conversation with my mom. Right after they got off the phone, my mom calls me and tells me to be honest, am I gay. For the record I'm not, never even experimented with a girl. I was so mad. What in my medical history indicates that I am gay? And who gives this asshat the authority to tell my mom something like that??
As stated above, I think it's fine to mention in medical records in social history, but to list as a chronic illness? ? Come on, I thought we've come a lot farther than that.


I have rectal tags that formed in the past from prolonged periods of constipation and diarrhea. So a few years ago I had a routine check up by a new primary care doctor. He had to do the typical rectal examination, so midway through he decided it would be appropriate to make a homophobic remark to the effect of presuming I might participate in sexual activities with other males (I'm straight) all based off his observations of my rear end...His tone was definitely condescending when he said it too.

He was fairly old to still be practicing medicine (70+?) so I wasn't really surprised by such overt bigotry...seeing as it was more accepted back in his day. Suffice it to say I'm no longer a patient of his. It kind of makes me wonder what's in my record.

He also thought it was appropriate to ask me if I had a girlfriend. Some people...


Insane is the only word that comes to mind. It is just crazy that gay people are subject to this and really baffles me that many of our straight members here experienced some of the same bias and judgement.

It's a shame, medical community has a long way to go in treating patients as human beings with real lives and feelings.