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Doctor has me ready to pull my hair out!!

I went to see my gi today .. For a follow up from my hospital
Admission and standard check in. The hospital
Was horrible the dr's couldn't agree on anything.
And it seems it may have rubbed off on her.
My last apt we talked about stepping up to the
Next level of meds(imurin or 6mp)
Because I respond great to steriods but once
I start to taper my symptoms increase.
So she tells me today she doesn't want to
Start the new meds. Because now she's not
100% convinced its crohn's. But suggestive of crohns..
So she wants me to stay on the steriods and
Lildia for now. I'm confused by everything.
I can't eat normal food I've been living on
Soup and toast. I'm living in the bathroom
And in pain a good amount of the time. I need
Suggestions on how to deal with this or reapproach her..
Perhaps it is time for you to get a second opinion from a different GI. I had very bad results from steroids and it always irritates me when I hear a doctor pushing steroids when they are not completely solving the problem.

From my experience I expect ER doctors to be of no help. I am happy when they are able to get me re-hydrated and do not openly judge me as an attention-seeker. But your GI should be someone you can trust to listen to you and to be actively forming a solution to your health issues.

Crohn's is a difficult disease because it present's itself different in everyone and no one treatment plan works for all patients. Therefore your GI needs to be open to different treatments and patient enough to be willing to keep trying treatments until there is success. If your GI is not frustrating you to that level then by all means get another opinion and keep looking until you find someone who can help you.

For me, stress makes my symptoms much worse and I am constantly trying to stay calm (not an easy task with Crohn's). But your specialist should not be the cause of your stress or anxiety.

Good luck...
PS... Noticed you live in St. Petersburg, I am in Tampa and have a GI that is working with me (not sure exactly how far it would be, but if you are interested I can pass on the name.)
That's what my husband said. He thinks it's time to
Go to usf or the other one in Gainesville. She's
Been great up till this point. When I went to
The ER it's like you said. I thought I'd get
Rehydrated some pain relief and home id go.
I would love your gi # ... I'm just over the
Bridge .. Thanks