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Doctor in NC? Near Raleigh

I was diagnosed with UC at age 17. Put on Azulfadine and Prednisone. It took a few months but I was finally over the first big flare. I suffered on and off until I was 23. When I got pregnant with my first child my symptoms seemed to go away. I would occasionally suffer from some IBS symptoms but nothing like a full blow flare.

Fast forward to age 41....major Flare took Asacol and Prednisone. Every time I tried to taper off Prednisone I would start to Flare again. Changed doctors he felt I was misdiagnosed and changed my diagnosis to Crohn's, he took me off Asacol thought that was making me worse. Started SCD stayed on that for 10 mths while still on Pred. I did taper off that completely after two months on SCD. and was fine until last summer when I started to Flare again.(should have stayed on SCD) This time we tried Uceris and that help a little but I flared back up a month later. My doctor wants me on Humira...but the scare me!!!!! I tried 20 HBOT treatments and I felt better but not 100%. Tried SCD again was strict for 5-6 weeks just felt worse...dropped about 10 lbs. Started back on Uceris last week feeling better but I feel like it is just masking things. Trying SCD again but just not doing it for me....and it's so hard to be on it when your not seeing results

I never heard of LDN until I stumbled upon it on this site. I can't believe I missed this!!! I am going to discuss with my current doctor when I see him in a few weeks but I'm thinking he will be against it...Not sure he is as progressive as some. My GP is someone I just started with so I'm not sure if he will go for it. I do have hypothyroid so I know that is something to consider. With the weight I lost during this flare I had to decrease my thyroid meds....they became too high.

Anyway.....any help with a doctor near me would be GREATLY appreciated. I am willing to take a road trip....but with my thyroid issues it would be nice if I could find someone nearby. I know I will need to be monitored more closely


Raleigh, NC

I'm sorry that you have had such a rough journey with crohns and not had much success with medication so far. I can understand how you feel quite scared at the thought of going on to humira, I do, but try not to (as I tell myself :)) as a lot of people do really well on it and achieve remission. I'm sorry I am unable to give you any Dr suggestions as I live in northern Ireland but I'm sure there will be someone who can help, good luck and I wish you remission very soon.

It might be useful to have a look at the Dr review forum, maybe you will find something helpful there?
I live near Hickory.. And was given a list by a lady named Crystal I believe. I do know there is a compounding pharmacy in Cary that compounds LDN. Maybe if you call them they can point you in the right direction in terms of a LDN prescribing doctor.
D. Narahari is my doctor! Has he prescribed LDN? I see him next week. I was just trying to cover my bases in case he said no.

Thanks for the pharmacy info.
I don't know why but I didn't get a notification that anyone replied so I haven't been watching my post. I need to check my setting
crohnswife84 - thank you so much for your referral to Dr Narahari. He has already been such a help to me when no one else wanted to help figure out what is going on with me. He is doing things and running tests that no one else would even try and I am soooo thankful. I am having two procedures today and I am hopeful that I can get better.
Thanks again!