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Doctor Recommending Adding Methotrexate to Remicade

Our 10 year old son was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in the ileum Thanksgiving, 2015. He has had two infusions of remicade and has had no recent symptoms. He is down to 5 mg of prednisone every other day, with the last dose due a week from tomorrow. All his blood tests have shown that his inflammation numbers have returned to normal. Today we had an appointment with the GI doctor who mentioned doing blood tests 4 weeks after his next remicade on 2-8-16, to determine how quickly the remicade dissipates in his system. Then the doctor mentioned possibly adding methotrexate to the remicade to prevent his body developing anti-bodies to the remicade.

What we are concerned about are the side effects from the methotrexate? The CCFA website notes that this causes birth defects and should not be taken by those who plan on getting pregnant, either males or females. As he is still developing will this affect him in the future?

We are concerned.

Son diagnosed with moderate/severe Crohn's disease on November 22, 2015. Age 10.

Current treatment:
Remicade (1st infusion 12-29-15);
Prednisone: 20 mg (reduced from 40 mg);
Ranitine: 150 mg 1x/day.

Previous treatment:
NG tube: 11-22-15 to 11-24-15;
Prednisone: 40 mg via iv;
anti-biotic via iv (5 days);
Fluconazole: 100 mg 1x/day for candida overgrowth


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