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Doctor said I had

I had one years ago when I had a fissure. Basically, it was just a big... ugh... I don't even know how to explain it. A hard lump of skin that stuck out from the other skin I guess.

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Yeah I had one, after the birth of my daughter, it was itchy and was painful at times, then after awhile it stopped hurting or itching. That was 22 years ago even tho I am pretty sure the tag is still there. Can be from straining.
Check out this link... the first set of pics is of hemmies the pic below that is of perianal crohn's skin tags (aka; elephant ears) these are not the same as hemmies nor should they be treated the same...talking form experiance and everything I've been told and read after the fact.


I have these anal tags too and they were misDX as being hemmies and I had them banded (while they were in a flare) and they've remained in a flare and never shrunk down (which they can sometimes on their own or with rectal meds, ask your GI about it, don't be embarassed)...I've had them remain in a constant flare for the just over 19 yrs that I've now had this DD....my crohn's actually started with these perianal crohn's skin tags then moved internally (affecting my TI, colon and rectom all at one time).

These perianal crohn's skin tags can happen to any crohnie, they are rare kinda and their more common for crohnies that have their colon/rectoms involved....they can come and go on their own but some rectal meds might help shrink them back down, they're considered part of the nature of the beast of having crohn's, just like how some CDers are prone to blockages/stricturs, fistulas, ect.

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Dont worry if you are embarrassed, I am sure your doc has seen and heard worse. Being aggressive in your questions and answers will help you alot better and faster.


If nervous write down questions at your next appt and hand them to the dr. I lost my voice once from strep and had to ask a very embarrassing question on where exactly that could be passed to. I did manage to make my doctor blush so I doubt anything you could ask would top that for embarrassment.
I have a skin tag (called Wilbur! lol). It just sits there. Sometimes it can get a bit more painful and other times it just sits there.

My GI said I could get a surgeon to look at it if it really bothered me. I haven't though, I would hate for anything to get worse.