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Does 6mp and remicade help fistulas?

We're being advised to have surgery for my son, who has an abcess and possibly fistula(s).

Actually, they will put my son under anesthetic and look at the abscess. If they see fistulas then they will do surgery for that.

But the doctors want to put him on 6mp and remicade at the same time. They said that both 6mp and remicade can help heal fistulas and also can help prevent new ones from forming. The reason they said for taking both 6mp and remicade at the same time is because they said the 6mp will help prevent, or reduce, antibody creation by the remicade (which is made with mouse proteins or something like that).

Just wondering if others have heard anythign definitive about the use of 6mp and remicade in this manner.

mike said:
When I first started remicade I wasn't given 6mp or azathioprine (imuran) and the results were great. After 8-9 months I moved to North Carolina. I found a new GI doc who gave me imuran to take along with the remicade. I was very lax about taking the imuran and noticed no difference in the way I felt. After being on remicade about 4 years I've noticed a difference if I don't take the imuran. I've been on remicade almost 5 years and aside from a few minor flares it's the best I can remember feeling for about 25 years. I hope your son responds as well and feels better soon. - Mike
Mike - thanks for your comments.