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does a flare mean the biologic isn't working?

Do your doctors switch you off of a medication as soon as you've had a flare? My son flared for three days and then his symptoms went away. He has been on Entyvio for around 10 months, and up until now we thought it might be working because his numbers were good. However, his calprotectin level during the flare shot up to around 320. Does this mean it's not working and we need to switch to yet another medication?
Thank you for your message. Yes, he is back to feeling better, thank you. He gets the Entyvio every four weeks; I'm not sure if they up the dosage from there. He has already tried Stelara every 4 weeks.
I have been on Entyvio for 2 years and experienced 2-3 flareups during that time. The drug never worked 100% for me, but the improvement is good enough to continue the treatment. I feel better, have a substantial improvement in symptoms, but Crohn's is still active.
Thank you for sharing your experience. We're having a hard time knowing when to stick with a medicine even though it's not working 100% and when to abandon ship and try something new - especially since the options are limited.