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Does anyone else have this symptom?

Hey guys,

I am currently undiagnosed and will be making an appointment with my GP as soon as I go back to university in January. I've done a quick into to my symptoms on a different post.

I've had issues with my bowels for a long time but for the past 2.5 years or so I've had the urgent feeling that I have needed to go to the toilet but then when I get there I don't actually need, then maybe half an hour to an hour later I need the toilet urgently and it is diarrhoea.

Does anyone else get this?


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I'm glad you've made an appointment with your Doctor.Urgency is quite common.I had this problem when first diagnosed,although I did have other symptoms too.I believe it's called Tenesmus I was originally dx'd with Proctitis,which affects the lower bowel and rectum.Of course I'm not suggesting this is your problem.It's best to get a proper diagnosis and to be treated accordingly.Please keep us updated as your posts will be of help to others with similar problems.
Same here, tenesmus is a very common symptom of proctitis, as is diarrhoea I believe, but no doubt there will be other conditions too that cause it too.