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Does anyone else here use an air fryer when making certain foods?

When I was given my diagnosis of crohn's disease my doctor told me I can't have anything acidic, fried, or anything with dairy. But the air fryer was a life saver for me for those days when I crave fried foods. I like that you use very little oil or sometimes none depending on what you make.

Lady Organic

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Hi and welcome to the forum! I use an air frier too. I use it for kale chips mostly 😋 Sometimes for a mix of colored peppers and onions. Tomorrow, I am trying fried chickpeas! Im going to trying something such as (without the sugar) :
Or a kind with curry seasoning.
Potatoes in air friers are very popular but should be avoided because of high acrylamide levels produced during any type of high cooking temperatures.


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I bought an air fryer earlier this year and enjoy it. It does a fantastic job cooking chicken. Shake n Bake works well as do dry rubs with BBQ sauce added near the end of cooking time.


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New York, USA
We have an air fryer at home and use it a few times a week. Some of the things we have cooked in it include;

chicken wings (BEST wings ever!! :) )
pork loin roast
french fries/tater tots
mozzarella sticks
various appetizers (instead of using the oven)
pork chops