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Does anyone have attacks after a late night?

Does anyone else have little attacks the day after having a late night?

I seem to have a late night (ie anything after midnight) and Im crap the next day.. generally wake up with nausea, vomiting, urgency to go to toilet and my body feel likes its been hit by a bus. Im assuming it cause Im run down as my body doesn't cope with the late night.

As some of you know I have also been having issues over the last couple of weeks which my GI has put down to 6mp (have been off it for a week now) I also felt this way last week after another big night with friends. Just really frustrusting and confused as I enjoy myself that night but then pay for it the next day.. starting to wonder if I need to put a curfew on when I must be home in bed!! Ha..ha..

Hopefully be back on a maintance drug in a week or two just over being well for a few days to a week then sick for a few days. So unpredictable and hard to plan anything. Am going away twice next month and Im worried bout being sick. I know I can't control it and am best to not stress but as you all know that easier said then done.

Thanks for listening and letting me vent.. but seriously if anyone else experiences little attacks after late night I would be interested in knowing.
Ever since gettin this crap, I have turned into such a baby when it comes to my sleep! If I dont get at least 8hrs a night I can tell a big difference.I feel like junk the whole day and have to hit the bathroom way more. It suck cause Im both a night owl and an early bird.
Thanks Fog for your quick response it does make me feel better that others have issues with sleep affecting them.. I feel like such a old fuddy duddy its seems Im great if I go to bed by 11pm or even just before midnight and get a solid 8 hours sleep but once its past midnight I seem to struggle the next day I generally still wake up a the same time so probably not getting a full 8 hours sleep and just feel like crap especially first up. Im starting to feel a bit better now that I have been up for a few hours but still not great. It totally suxs as everyone else is up having fun and Im like sorry guys off to bed for me gotta have my beauty sleep.. ha..ha.
I noticed this most in college, but tended to blame it on the fact that after a late nighter (or all nighter!), I'd have coffee. I can't do coffee.

However, I'm finding it holds true even now. Not enough sleep means significant lower back pain... in the hips area, more urgency/frequency, and nausea. Not fun. :(
Oh my.dec you sound so similar to me it is horrible feeling isn't it. I don't seem to get the lower back pain as much as I used to it was terrible before I got diagnosed I kept going to the doc for them to send me to physio Im like its not helping something else internally is causing it even the physio agreed. Finally got diagnosed and they said yeah heaps of people with IBD have lower back issues etc. I still get it but just not as much as before. I suppose the lack of sleep just makes our bodys shut down and we start to experience symptoms.. not fun at all.
It it horrible. :( I hate it. It can be terrible some days, especially after trips to the bathroom. I don't even know how to explain it to people most of the time.
Tan - do you do anything different than normal on those late nights out (like drink a lot?). If you know you are going to have a late Saturday night out - then maybe you could get in a good late afternoon nap on Saturday to try and compensate a little for being up late that night? If it could be drinking related - maybe just have one or two drinks? I'm older now, and trust me, as you get older - you learn how to compensate with the late night stuff - like - not doing it LOL!! ;) I'd just think about what is happening differently that particular night and try and make adjustments or compensations to offset the issues so that you can enjoy yourself and not suffer so much the next day.
Yeah Im not really sure I do anything different to normal except stay up later.. I don't drink as I get really bad refulx when I drink so I just dont bother anymore its not worth being sick for a few drinks! I do know we had a late dinner last night but apart from that nothing different. Very strange maybe your right will have to get a nanna nap in late arvo see if that helps otherwise will just make sure Im in bed by midnight which isn't a bad thing. We generally don't have late nights much anymore starting to old too.. he..he.. just had some friends visiting from out of town so been a couple of big weekends otherwise Im generally in bed by midnight. Oh well will see how I go over the next month and try and work out if anything other then late night is triggering it.
Hi Tan, it may be the eating later? I dunno, but I used to eat quite late but now I try for earlier as I find it disrupts my sleep if I have dinner later.
my.december said:
It it horrible. :( I hate it. It can be terrible some days, especially after trips to the bathroom. I don't even know how to explain it to people most of the time.
my.dec - it was one of my first symptoms I woke up one morning with really bad lower back/hip pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Went to doc to be told I have a virus. Didn't get better and my lower back got worse couldn't lay down without it pulsating thru my whole body. Kept being told it was muscluar but I knew it wasn't but couldn't understand why it would be hurting so much. Everytime I tried to sleep in our bed (which was fairly new so that was frustrating as i thought maybe it was the bed doing it too me even tho I splept in it for 4 weeks great) I would nearly throw up from being so nauseated and in pain. I ended up dragging a shitty old mattress into our bedroom and layered it with thick blanets to make it a bit more comfy and slept on the mattress on the floor. It seemed to be the only way I got away from the pain at night. However it seem to have disappeared once I was on Pred for a few weeks and I only seem to get it every so often now.. although my mid to upper back now plays up and burns alot not sure if this is related to crohns as I never had issues before. Its all fun. But I do understand the lower back pain it nearly made me go crazy with the amount of pain I was in. Hope it gets better for you soon.
Thanks shaz had thought that Jamie and I actually had a fight infront of our friends cause he said we would have dinner earlier but he gets distracted talking to everyone or drinking and then dinner isn't ready till 10pm! Im like this is out of control and i didn't feel great afterward as I was so hungry by the time we had dinner. Oh well I made a big point to him bout it and said we need to eat earlier.
Wow! Thats some serious back pain Tan!! Had you ever had problems wth you back before CD?? Did your ever tell you doc?
I had some serious hip and knee pain when I was flairing, so bad that I couldnt even walk very far with out stopping. My GI said it was because my CD was an inflamitory disease it can affect your joints too.

So does Jamie understand now? Does eating earlier help most of the time?
Yeah I know Fog everyone thought I was going mad because it didn't seem to matter what I slept on the pain was thru the roof also had it all day but was extreme while trying to sleep. I told my GP bout it and she sent me for xrays and scans but all came back good then went and had a massage which didn't help, chiro then finally physio as soon as I saw the physio he did some stuff and said seriously I don't think its muscular something internally is making your lower back hurt. Then saw my GI for first time and he didn't really say too much bout back pain but did notice on my results he had made a mention of it then when I went back to see him next time he said it would def be from the crohns as when you are flaring it can then manifest into other parts of your body like joints and he said a few others that see him also get bad back pain. I have never had any issues with my mid to lower back area... I have alway had tension headaches and stiff neck so very strange. My chiro as actually mentioned I should go to GP bout my new upper back pain as she thinks it could be from crohns. I hardly get any pain in my lower back since I was put on pred in Sept which is great I never want to have that feeling again!

Yes I think he might be starting to understand don't get me wrong Jamie is awesome normally when it come to food he cooks every night and makes sure it only stuff I can eat so nothing fatty, deep fried etc which is so depressing for him as he could be a chef if he wanted to be he is an awesome cook and love nothing more then to cook for friends but he just gets carried away with time when friends are over plus ended up having to many wines so things get delayed and before you know it the meal is actually 2 hours later then it should have been.. ha..ha.. generally I would like to eat by 8pm but most of the time its more like 8.30. Im trying to keep onto him about starting things earlier and also not wasting time which he tends to do get distracting easily. But I can't really complain he cooks awesome food for me and makes sure Im eating well!
Well thats awesome that he takes care of you that well!! I know what its like to get distracted, especially when entertaining, My ADD takes over! lol!

When my joints were bad my GI put me on some Naproxen for the inflimation, didnt seem to help but Im weird with meds it seems, some just do nothing.
Fog Ducker said:
Ever since gettin this crap, I have turned into such a baby when it comes to my sleep! If I dont get at least 8hrs a night I can tell a big difference.I feel like junk the whole day and have to hit the bathroom way more. It suck cause Im both a night owl and an early bird.
im the same! if i dont get heaps of sleep i am stuffed the next day.....so late nights are out of the question for me or i'll be paying for it the next day:lol:
I feel better now knowing that Im not the only party pooper and having to ditch a party early just so I can get my beauty sleep!! :)